Wow, oh my god, hot new year from my children 😍😍🔥today is the anniversary of the beginning of ataturk's work, which all turkish people consider a special day, and the first president of the turkish national assembly was announced after the defeat and dissolution of the ottoman government. This post 😂

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 Kadir doğlu and neslihan atagül celebration of the turkish national day.

but we told you to complete it. And nescad also go to this place according to the routine every year and go this year as well.

Turkish actress participated neslihan otagol audience bold images her group through its own account on the social networking site.

Neslihan appeared from the desert at night under the moonlight, wearing hot jeans with a wide and long white shirt and wearing sunglasses as well as long cow boy shoes, and her poses varied in pictures in a crazy way that excited the followers who expressed their admiration for her boldness in taking pictures.

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In the past few days, news had spread that neslihan atagul joined the family of the series "the bandits", but a source close to her denied this, describing it as a rumor.

There was news on social networking sites about the separation of the turkish star "neslihan atagul" from her husband, the turkish actor "kadir doğlu", due to differences between them. These differences are due to neslihan atagul’s jealousy over her husband from the turkish actress “sira” because of the scenes that he brings together with her in his new series “the prescription of love” 


It is worth noting that neslihan atagul recently expressed her annoyance with the recently circulated rumors, that there are severe differences between her and her husband, the turkish star kadir oglu, because of his interference in her new series “the ambassador’s daughter ”, and his request from the producing company to delete some of the hot scenes that brought his wife together with the star. Turkish engin akyurek .