yalancı (liar): a masterpiece turkish drama starring burçin terzioğlu,Fans of turkish series are about to encounter a brand new masterpiece in the new season: "yalancı" (liar).

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 Liar yalanci series episode 1 Mohamed emir fiery confrontation.

This new turkish drama starring bursin terzioglu and saleh badmchi has caused a great sensation. But there is no need to worry! We will go into details later!

The cast of the new show yalancı (the liar) of show tv is very curious. The series is expected to appear on the screen in september. There are important actors in the "yalancı" series. But who are the yalancı (the liar) players? This is who will play and their role.

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Before we dive into the details, let us tell you that the series is adapted from the british tv series "the liar". Turks are good at adapting anyway, don't you think...? In addition, the two most accomplished actors in turkey will also bring higher quality to the show.

Hülya gezer is the director and chairman of the "yalancı (liar)" series produced by süreç film. The script for the series was written by the yazıhane team and will be presented to the audience on the show tv screen in september. But who are the actors in the series?

The story of the series and the shining cast have raised expectations for turkish drama. In addition to the two main protagonists, burçin terzioğlu and salih bademci, there are some other valuable names that stand out! We will also continue to discuss...

Deniz is a smart, talented and dedicated literature teacher. Mohamed emir is a famous surgeon. He is a student of his son deniz. The two have not let anyone into their lives for a while. The attraction between them made them have dinner together, and then a series of events that completely upended their lives. They would not even think that an innocent meal would compare them and their families with great destruction.

Everything in the series starts with dinner, which is cute at the beginning, but ends with some tragic consequences. At the same time, the dinner took place between the school teacher deniz (played by burçin terzioğlu) and mehmet emir (played by salih bademci), who is the father of a student of deniz.

Deniz taught literature in a national school, and muhammad was a well-known and versatile doctor. So what happened that night? No one knows except deniz and mohamed emir. They all describe the night in different ways. In search of the truth, he embarked on a nervous and breathless adventure. All they have to do is to prove that they are telling the truth.