Lawyer ceylin and prosecutor ilgaz: they are two lawyers whose approaches to the law are diametrically opposed, despite the fact that they are fighting on the same side.

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 Yargi episode 1 summary lawyer ceylin facing a difficult situation.

The more rule-bound, honest, and rigorous ilgaz is, the more borderless, uncontrolled, and rebellious ceylin is. That is why, whenever their paths meet, they collide, put each other to the test, and remain on opposing sides... Until life forces them to meet paths again...

Ceylin and her family suffer a major setback after learning the name of a murdered girl in episode 1 of the turkish series yargi, starring pinar deniz and kaan urgancioglu. 

Inci erguvan, celine's sister, is the woman accused of murder by chynar. Celin's family is looking for justice for their daughter. Chynar is always denying the charge.

Ilgaz is taken off guard when the body of a lady discovered in a garbage can, handed to him as a murder case, lands on his family. His brother nar is the primary suspect in this crime.

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Ilgaz needs a skilled lawyer to save his brother, therefore he is forced to make a difficult choice. Ilgaz needs a skilled lawyer to save his brother, therefore he is forced to make a difficult choice. All of ceylin's flaws that he despises are like the key to the iron bars that will close on his brother. Will ceylin assist ilgaz on this tough journey that he must traverse?

The death of their little daughter shatters the erguvan family. Ceylin must face her mother's, sister's, and father's sorrow, live her pain, and fight to the last drop of her blood to discover her sister's murderer. 

Ceylin is put to the ultimate test when she sees her sister's lifeless body. To submit to the agony that falls in your heart, sink in despair, or fight.

Both paths are full of impossibilities for ceylin since defending the primary suspect, cnar, is no longer viable. She is not supporting ways avoiding evidence. Ceylin must make the most difficult decision of her life.

Ceylin and ilgaz; at this fortuitous juncture, they call into doubt the reality that they had before accepted as certain.