Aziz series actors and plot: where is aziz filmed, is it an adaption, and what is the plot? The aziz series is described in detail. The specifics of the aziz series, starring murat yldrm, damla sönmez, and simay barlas, are being speculated.

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Aziz episode 1 english subtitles aziz escaped and caught up with the convoy.

With the advent of the first episode of the series, which will be aired on show tv, the subject and actors began to be studied. The filming site of the series, which will portray the narrative of aziz, the son of a wealthy family, is also noteworthy. 

So, where is aziza being filmed, and when does it begin? What's the narrative, adaptation? Here you will find information on the actors in the aziz series as well as their subject.

On november 5, show tv's new series aziz premiered in front of a live audience. The specifics of the series, the first instalment of which was released, are being speculated about. In the series' major parts, strong performers such as murat yldrm, damla sönmez, and simay barlas stand out.

 Recai karagöz is aziz's director, while eda tezcan is writing the script. According to the series, an affluent family lived in the 1934s. Here are some more interesting facts regarding the series. Murat yldrm, damla sönmez, simay barlas, ahmet mümtaz taylan, frat tanş, güven murat akpnar, eren hacsaliholu, suzan kardeş, ayten soykök, elif sönmez, and füsun

There are also notable names on the crew, such cenan çamyurdu, baran akbulut, haydar köyel, berkay akn, mehmet avdan, özgür onan, and imren şengel.

The narrative of aziz, the son of an affluent family in antakya, will be told on the big screen in the aziz series. The series, which will transport viewers to the 1930s, will depict the events leading up to hatay's accession to the turkish republic. One of the most significant storylines of the new season will be the aziz series, which will also represent the thrill of hatay's involvement in the motherland. Yldrm will bring to life a character named aziz payidar.

Aziz, who in the series killed a french lieutenant, would abandon his great love dilruba and his father's hearth. After the tragedy is forgotten, aziz will begin a completely new life in the city where he was born.

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Aziz payidar (murat yldrm), the son of the payidar family, antakya's largest and sole carpet maker, lives a rich and successful life. When the french delegate monsieur pierre (frat tanş) murders his son, lieutenant andre, aziz is forced to flee the place of his origin, his sole love, in short, all he owns. 

His reappearance two years later, when he was supposed to be dead, comes as a surprise to everyone. Nothing is the same as it used to be.