The love logic revenge series is still going strong and boldly. Burcu zberk, who played esra in the series, indicated that the ratings were high and that everything was going well in the squad. The famous actor also has a very excellent working relationship with lhan en.

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Burcu zberk credited the popularity of the series aşk logic ntikam to the perfect placing of everything, stating that all the aspects that should be in a romantic comedy come together. From its plot to the actors and the family feel produced on set, one of the most remarkable programmes of the previous time continues to connect with the public.

Love logic revenge premiered in the summer but managed to reconnect with its following in the winter. On friday, november 5th, the series will air its 20th new episode. The new section contains significant advancements. Ozan, who has opted to quit the organisation, will start a new chapter in his life. Esra and ozan's love affair will enter a new chapter.

The moment ozan and esra come near, ozan is stopped by a phone call. Ala was involved in a car accident. Ozan rushes to the hospital, and following their talk with arif there, arif increases his battle on ozan.

Ozan is no longer only unemployed; he is now homeless. Arif believes he can scare ozan in this manner, but ozan has no intention of giving up.

Ozan leaves the firm and begins a new chapter in his life. The fact that ala accepted the divorce and filed the lawsuit herself would be a beacon of hope for ozan and esra's relationship.

Esra, who decides to end her relationship with nar, supports ozan in her new career. On the other hand, nar, who is attempting to remedy the wrongs at milenyumsoft, which is bleeding following ozan's departure, takes a surprising move for this. Ozan want to meet esra following the divorce proceedings. At the conclusion of the day, esra and ozan are in for another surprise.