Kaderimin oyunu (trick of my destiny) is a new turkish drama produced by private broadcaster star tv. The intriguing narrative of the tv show grabs a lot of attention.

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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 1 Asia escape with her children.

The series is particularly intriguing because of its great and brilliant ensemble. Ykü karayel, who rose to prominence as meryem in bir başkadr (ethos), akn aknözü, who made a lasting impression as miran in hercai, and the gorgeous turkish actor sarp apak, who is an integral figure in turkish comedy.

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 1 English Subtitles HD

The character analysis for the series "kaderimin oyunu," which is set to premiere on star screens shortly with a magnificent tale and a powerful cast, has been released. The actors who play the roles in the series featuring ykü karayel, akn aknözü, and sarp apak are listed below.

Starring ykü karayel, akn aknözü, and sarp apak; who is who in kaderimin oyunu, in which successful names such as meriç aral, esra dermancolu, müfit kayacan, ülkü duru, kaan akr, iraz akçam, yldrm zcan, yeşim gül the cast includes onur bilge and ayça koptur. The following are character analyses from star tv's new series, kaderimin oyunu. Also, read all of kaderimin oyunu's episodes (game of my destiny)

As a result, we will have a fantastic opportunity to observe them all together. Kaderimin oyunu (trick of my destiny), with its beautiful plot and brilliant ensemble, will premiere on star shortly. For the first time, the series' main characters, ykü karayel, akn aknözü, and sarp apak, appeared together.

Kaderimin oyunu episode 1 english subtitles hd