It has been claimed that hande doandemir, who stars in the star tv series "saving our mother," is looking for a new love. The photo shown on the actor's phone cover, which is supposed to be with his colleague onur tuna, bolstered the accusations of love.

Onur Tuna and Hande Doğandemir are in love?
Onur Tuna and Hande Doğandemir are in love?

Hande doandemir was observed in etiler the day before declaring her love for onur tuna, an actor like herself. Doandemir responded to questioning from media on the issue "i don't want to discuss them at all. Everything is in order."

For a long period, no one in their lives had hande dogandemir and onur tuna. He had set ship for a new love, it was discovered. The couple's acquaintance, which they met through common friends, quickly blossomed into a partnership.

According to onur aydn of habertürk, hande doandemir was caught in the lenses the day before in etiler. Doandemir, who had been hunting for a parking spot on the street for some time, was unable to find one and had to park in the parking lot.

Following that, hande doandemir, who did not miss the opportunity to speak with the journalists that came to see her, stated, "there was a youtube shoot going on. I got out of it, and i'm going to see my pal."