Lone wolf, which debuted in front of the public on atv screens with its second episode, won full marks from the audience. The series, which focuses on turkey's recent history, has been the most watched production in the eu and on abc1.

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Yalniz kurt episode 1 the beginning that turned the scales.

Preparations for the yalnz kurt series continue, which will see the return of osman snav, one of the most experienced screen directors and producers, to the screen after a two-year absence. Following cihan ünal, a new actor has been added to the series' cast.

The second episode of the new screen phenomenon 'lonely wolf' was shown to the audience on the atv screen. With its second episode, 'lonely wolf' became the most viewed tv series in the eu category, with a rating of 5.26 percent and a viewership share of 13.47 percent, and a rating of 6.52 percent and a viewership share of 14.81 percent in the abc1 category.

Osman snav made his major debut as a producer and director in the 2003 series kurtlar vadisi. After signing several successful projects such as ac hayat, pars: narkoterör, sakarya frat, kzlelma, and sen anlat karadeniz, the snav most recently shot the tv series gel dese aşk two years ago.

The series, which focuses on the sordid structure of feto and its poisonous objectives in turkey, quickly became a popular subject on social media.

The lone wolf, also known as the new valley of the wolves, garnered positive feedback from the audience.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 (English Subtitles) HD