The brilliance and tragedy of west side story's disney+ release

Before the oscars, the disney+ release of west side story is reigniting interest in a steven spielberg masterpiece... Is that, however, enough to save the film?

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West side story oscar voting where is the end result?

On the way to oscar voting season, the internet discovered steven spielberg had developed a west side story film.

Forgive the sarcasm, but it definitely felt that way last week, when film twitter was overwhelmed with astonished comments to a single tweet revealing only a single excerpt of spielberg's colourful film recreation of the leonard bernstein and stephen sondheim musical. In the case of a single clip,

"[spielberg] made the camera dance," guillermo del toro exclaimed on twitter. Del toro, being a movie connoisseur and auteur, had, of course, previously watched and analysed spielberg's first musical. Nonetheless, he wanted to take advantage of the chance to spread the message after another twitter user shared the video. The one below, by shane anderson, simply stated, "this picture from west side story is fucking crazy."

Now, half a century later, spielberg demonstrates that he had more to say about west side story by crafting a picture that re-created the amazement and young enthusiasm of his early blockbusters. The gymnasium shot is merely a drop in the ocean of cinematic intensity in this new rendition, which is rising all boats. 

But, perhaps more importantly, his and screenwriter tony kushner's approach to the material brought a newfound acuity and intelligence to the material, addressing long-held criticisms of the original musical's lack of awareness of the real puerto rican experience in new york city, as well as retroactively seeing the seeds of white resentment and class struggles in the tensions between the sharks and jets.