The friendship of alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan, who met on the set of the tv series "island tale," is still going strong.

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The latest news in the relationship of ayça ayşin and alp navruz

The couple was seen exiting a venue in etiler the night before. Turan's fixation on her boyfriend became a spectacle. Navruz's project announcement piqued the interest of his admirers as well.

Ayça ayşin turan, who is in love with alp navruz, another actress, opened up about their relationship. Turan responded to the reporters by saying, "everything is in order. 

I always seem to provide the same replies. You're making me seem bad with these inquiries."

Actress ayça ayşin turan was spotted in nişantaş the day before.

Turan, who had just emerged from a location, told reporters, "it's pouring heavily, so don't get wet. If you want, we can chat at a more convenient time "said the famous actress, who did not shirk the reporters' repeated queries, stated that her time was consumed by job interviews.

Turan, ayça ayşin "don't you have any plans for the holidays?" in response to the query, "we did not devise such a strategy. We prioritised the projects. You can work over the summer, but if it is a short period, there will be a vacation "she said.

Turan's queries regarding her partner alp navruz, who is also an actor, were answered as follows: "everything is in order. I always seem to provide the same responses. You're making me seem bad with these questions "she responded.