Nurgül yeşilçay stunned everyone with her remark, and she will continue to amaze everyone in the coming days!

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Nurgül yeşilçay stunned everyone with her remark.

Nurgül yeşilçay, a well-known turkish actress, has gone a long way since her debut in the second spring series at the end of the 1990s. As one of turkey's most acclaimed, successful, and experienced performers, she has participated in several tv shows and films throughout the years, as well as on the stage and in various projects.

Following the success of kinci bahar (second spring), the actress rose to prominence with the television series asmal konak. Since then, a lot of water has gone under the bridge. She was spoken about because of the shows she participated in, and she rose to prominence and received praise.

The actress, who made her cinematic debut with son nefesime kadar (until my last breath), is now planning to take an alternative road to review her work experiences!

Following the gülperi series, fox tv's son nefesime kadar debuted with high expectations, however the series, which had mediocre ratings throughout the season, was cancelled after a few episodes.

Nurgül yeşilçay, who has indicated that she does not desire to perform in front of the camera, has stated that she aims to use her experience behind the camera from now on. The actress also hinted that she would be working behind the camera, saying, "i will be both in front of and behind the camera, i am planning a project."