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Heavy rains destroy homes and streets in India 2020

Heavy rains destroy homes and streets in india the death toll rose due to heavy monsoon rains and heavy rains resulted in the collapse of the walls of buildings in india, killing 27 people, today, sunday.

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Heavy rains destroy homes and streets in India 2020

Usually, the term monsoon is used to refer to the rainy phase of a seasonally changing pattern, although technically there is also a dry phase. The term is sometimes incorrectly used for locally heavy but short-term rains. The major monsoon systems of the world consist of the west african and asia-australian monsoons.

In some areas in eastern india, and bad weather conditions for the second consecutive day disrupted railway services and air navigation in the capital finance mumbai, officials were forced to close schools and offices, but markets remained open.

Reuters reported that during the monsoon season that runs from june to september - it causes rains that constitute about 75% of the annual rainwater falling on the country. The country is witnessing fatal accidents as a result of buildings and walls collapsing as structures with weak structures weaken .

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