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How a perfect pregnancy turned into a nightmare 2020

How a perfect pregnancy turned into a nightmare 38-year-old arina's pregnancy was perfect ,the girl is athletic, beautiful, fitness trainer. In appearance, you will give 25 years.

Health allowed arina to run a couple of kilometers without a break, to hold 3 fitness lessons, even without rest.

arina has long dreamed of a daughter, because the eldest son was already 12. And so that with such health not to give birth 🤷‍♀️ pregnancy 🤰 proceeded perfectly. Arina did not know what preservation was. ⠀
“arina never complained about her health,” her husband anton told me. “arina gave birth to kiryusha herself, although the baby was large, almost 5 kilos.” with a light heart, anton took arina to the hospital. There were only 3 days left before giving birth.
But, according to anton, arina did not immediately like it in the maternity hospital, although in the city he was considered elite. The maternity hospital's reputation was amazing. The reviews were only good. Doctors really worked there from god. 

the doctors did not want to listen to the complaints of his wife, anton said so. ⠀ “on the very first day, arina called me and complained of stomach pain. The wife said that during the examination she was hurt.

I asked her not to worry, i reassured her as best i could. Arina asked for painkillers, but the nurse brought sedatives and said: “mommy, you have prenatal depression. Don't worry, ”he told me later.

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