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How does the ice finger of death occur 2020

How does the ice finger of death occur the saline solution is a hollow tube that grows down from the ice surrounded by a column of falling saline solution formed under evolving sea ice.

What is the icy finger of death?, Can Brinicle kill you?, How cold is a Brinicle? ,How is a Brinicle formed?
How does the ice finger of death occur 2020

As seawater freezes in the polar oceans, saline salt solutions are expelled from sea ice, resulting in a downward flow of dense, cold and salty water with less freezing point than the surrounding water.

Technically called ice stalactite, or brinicle, this rare underwater phenomenon was first documented in 1974.

 It occurs only in the polar regions, during the winter. At that time, the temperature above the sea drops to at least -40 oc, much colder than the ocean water, around -2 oc.

Under these conditions, the freezing of the surface does not form solid ice, as in icebergs, but "porous", with internal channels. A very cold and salty water flows through them, directed downwards due to its density and the heat flow at the bottom of the sea (the “less cold” water goes up and the colder one goes down).

As it passes through the internal channels, the super-frozen water carries more salt, changing the density and getting colder. When it comes out of the “pipe”, the jet of brine cools the ocean water around it, which is less dense, less cold and ends up freezing. That is, the pipe is millimeter long and the stalactite grows.

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