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Neuralink chip allows streaming music directly to your brain 2020

The Neuralink chip allows streaming music directly to your brain

 Neuralink ,Elon Musk, Neuralink stock

Elon Musk revealed more details about his mysterious company, Neuralink, and Elon Musk.
 the tech entrepreneur, claimed that Neonink, a company that develops mysterious neural computer chips, is working on the brain and computer interface that will allow its wearer to broadcast music directly to their brain. 

Mask, who also heads SpaceX for Space and Tesla for electric cars, is revealing new information about the mysterious startup next month, claiming it could also be used to help treat addiction and depression, according to Britain's Independent. But he is spreading the details slowly in recent days via his official account on Twitter.

He founded the Neuralink Mask in 2016 in response to the computer scientist Austin Howard, and despite a few details about how the disclosed technology works, Musk confirmed that (Neuralink) technology would allow people to listen to music directly from the chip.

After receiving funding in excess of $ 158 million (£ 125 million), he also said: (Neuralink) can help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage, enhance capabilities and logic, and relieve anxiety.

Since its founding in 2016, Neuralink has made only one major overview on how technology works and has also developed a sewing machine-like device that can connect brains directly to computers.

Mask said at a 2019 event: More information about Neuralink will be revealed on August 28 and the company is working on a sewing machine-like device that would provide a direct connection between the computer and the chip inserted into the brain.

In the short term, Neuralink will be used to treat brain diseases such as Parkinson's, but the ultimate goal of Neuralink is to allow humans to compete with advanced artificial intelligence.

According to MASK, the process of mounting the chip will be similar to laser eye surgery, while the long-term ambitions of the technology are to allow humans to compete with artificial intelligence. Part of it includes a neurosurgical robot, which fits with the need to connect elastic strings in the brain attached to a small implantable computer chip.

An early version of the system has already been tested in animals, and a research paper claims: One USB-C cable will provide the ability to transmit data to the brain.

(Neuralink) has up to 11 job vacancies listed on its website, where the company requires a mechanical engineer, robotics software engineer, and textile technician.

Over the weekend, Musk applied to people with specific expertise in the field of wearable devices.

He said: If you have solved difficult problems with wearable phones or devices (such as tight closure, signal processing, inductive charging, and energy management), please consider working at (Neuralink).

Human experiments are expected to start sometime this year, and Musk suggested earlier this month that the Neuralink chip will be able to treat depression and addiction by retraining the parts of the brain responsible for these pain.

Animal experiments were conducted, and human experiments were scheduled for this year, although details have not yet been announced, and more information is scheduled for August 28 and eventually, Musk hopes to achieve a kind of symbiosis with AI, To the point that the human language is outdatedز

Neuralink is an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk with eight other businessmen.

The company aims to develop computing interfaces that support the human mind. Wikipedia Founder : Elon Musk Established : July 2016 Owner : Elon Musk Number of employees : 90 (2019) Headquarters : Pioneer Trunk Factory-CA Malm & Co., San Francisco, California, United States Business type : Private company
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 Neuralink ,Elon Musk, Neuralink stock

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