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streaming music directly to your brain

Streaming music directly to your brain the neuralink chip allows streaming music directly to your brain.

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 streaming music directly to your brain 

Elon musk claims his neural ink chip will allow you to stream music directly to your brain good and i know a lot of people have questions what am i going to do once i'm a cyborg once i got the internet uh woven into the fabric of my brain.

stream some music up there yeah why not :

 what am i gonna do with it well elon's trying to make it easier for you to understand he just says well you're just gonna stream some music up there yeah why not your that you tube premium account that you have will what do you need headphones for just send it straight to the brain right up the noggin and it's a simple way that a lot of people are going to understand now of course that's down the road they have other ambitions in the short term.
  •  but they're kind of revealing some things as we go here i know in the initial phase and people wanted me to mention this in the last clip that i where i was talking about.
  •  this initial phases for people with disabilities actually in fact they they think that they can change some cognitive aspects of the of the of the brain and things like depression .
  • and it's all very ambitious and uh that would be the initial phase to focus on that because in the short term in the in the immediate future there's going to be some apprehension around having cert any type of surgery.

any type of brain interface unless it's going to solve :

 even though it's not that invasive any type of brain interface unless it's going to solve or cure something that's a real problem for you that's the easier the medical path is the easier way before it's widespread that's how it all starts out but then afterwards i mean who knows the streaming the music and all the rest of it why not that's just for fun really yeah the technology will first be used to help people suffering from brain diseases like parkinson's but then ultimately it's to allow humans to come compete with advanced artificial intelligence .

and he said that in the initial announcement it made people very uncomfortable what do you mean compete and artificial intelligence people there's people you remember the famous interview with where you have uh elon musk and jack ma sitting there and peter people don't want to admit that artificial intelligence is as powerful or potentially more powerful than humans but elon's fully on the other side of the spectrum it's like yeah yeah you're wrong uh ai's gonna take over yeah exactly like a matter of fact very matter-of-fact for elon so he says this is gonna keep us competitive he claims that the surgery is going to be similar to lasik eye surgery .

people are still going to be apprehensive a research paper :

it's not going to be a big deal go on and get it it's all fun and games it'll be fine people are still going to be apprehensive a research paper detailing the device claims that a single usb-c cable will provide a full bandwidth data streaming to the brain i don't know where the usb-c cable goes in there but it doesn't even look big enough for a usb type-c cable well maybe it is this this i mean they're making it look good they're just behind the ear.
  1.  you can picture it it's perfect on black mirror it could go you could have this black mirror episode tomorrow and it would be like yeah that's perfect yeah like mirror episode.
  2. it all fits in i mean look take the look at the look she even looks like she would be perfect for black mirror with that hairstyle yeah the subdued kind of hairstyle.
  3.  anyway yeah they're expanding there's 11 new job postings for neuralink they're looking for all kinds of signal processing people and engineers and and they're going to expand and i mean elon's been accumulating some money.

people with addictions potentially depression :

 so he can throw it into this and apparently this technology is going to be able to help people with addictions potentially depression it can retrain your mind it's a lot of claims coming out we got to wait and see what happens but as far as you're concerned well you're going to be streaming music straight to the brain exciting uh elon musk news number two tesla is going to change the alloy of the cyber truck electric pickup back in the old days will i was doing you remember bend gate you've been bending the phone it feels like a feels like a lifetime man a lifetime ago bent gate

Elon musk revealed more details about his mysterious company, neuralink, and elon musk:

  • The tech entrepreneur, claimed that neonink, a company that develops mysterious neural computer chips, is working on the brain and computer interface that will allow its wearer to broadcast music directly to their brain.
  • Mask, who also heads spacex for space and tesla for electric cars, is revealing new information about the mysterious startup next month, claiming it could also be used to help treat addiction and depression, according to britain's independent. But he is spreading the details slowly in recent days via his official account on twitter.
  • He founded the neuralink mask in 2016 in response to the computer scientist austin howard, and despite a few details about how the disclosed technology works, musk confirmed that (neuralink) technology would allow people to listen to music directly from the chip.

After receiving funding in excess of $ 158 million (£ 125 million), he also said: (neuralink) can help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage, enhance capabilities and logic, and relieve anxiety.

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