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6 Things You Should Do For Whats App Web 2020

6 things you should do for whats app web the ancient whats app company has dedicated a site link dedicated to opening whats app web a way to run on the computer and browse conversations and upload photos and videos.
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6 Things You Should Do For Whats App Web 2020

Here is the solution that we open the link to whats app's official website on the website, and we will explain the steps in detail.

How to open my whats app website on my computer step by step:

1-first you must open your mobile login and open whats app and make sure you are connected to the internet.

2-secondly open the official whats app web link from here whats app web.

3- go back to your mobile phone and open whats app settings three points at the top of the app as it is in the pictures.

4-then we choose whats app if the app is arabic, or we choose whats app if it is english
After the selection, the new whats app app will open a new screen with a box where it scans a code like bar code.

5-we point the box on the phone screen to the box icon on the computer screen.

6-you will notice immediately after the scan that the whats app was opened directly on the computer immediately and without the need to enter passwords, username or phone number.

 what's up chuck's tricks and hacks :

 The first thing i want to show you guys is some pretty epic customizing things you can do within whatsapp so if you have a picture at the top here you can actually customize it quite a bit so firstly you can choose an emoji pop it wherever you want and then on the side here you can see this color rainbow bar you can actually change the color of the emoji which is so cool .

from there you can also choose some other options so like here i chose this funny hand sign you can change the skin tone as well so i try to match it a bit tips online and then from there guys if you want you can add a speech bubble but what's really cool is if you actually rotate it with your hands that little arrow piece changes to wherever you want so i've just angled it to the mouth then once again of course you can change the border color now .

Whats App Web add text on color bar :

  • if you want to add text this is generally what it would look like but if you actually click on that color bar hold down and drag just as you see me doing here you'll see the font of changes for the text which is so so epic and then you can just leave it like that or game change the font to change the color and really make it your own you can also do all these customizing options .
  • when posting in your status what's awesome about this hack is you can also customize gifts guys so i just clicked on the text icon added some text subscribe and then as i mentioned hold down and then swipe to the left the font changes so you can really make it your own do something funny like this then send it to whoever you want and they'll have no idea how you customize the skip while we're on the topic of customizing there.

Whats App Web  the flame palettes  :

 are still some more things you can do so say for example you have the flame palettes and you click on this pencil icon you can of course change the colors but if you click and drag you can change the thickness of the pencil so this is really awesome to once again make things your own so i decided to make a little drawing i used a much thicker line then i decided to go for a small line and create these dots the options are
 honestly endless .

and also if you use the stylus guys with this you'll have so much fun because you can do a lot more intricate things and you can not only customize just clean backgrounds but also images videos or gifts as well now this is a fun one guys if you click on the emoji icon on the left hand side there and then on the stickers icon you'll actually have a couple of stickers but if you click on the plus sign you can add some more which is so epic .

 Whats App get more stickers :

you can also scroll down to the bottom say get more stickers and then choose from a whole bunch of other ones so i found these whatsapp mean stickers they are absolutely hilarious guys and if you click on install it'll start installing the stickers then just select open and now you can actually add these various stickers to your watch after i like this pack i selected add two what's up and now they will automatically be added to my watch app so as you can see right over here i have some new sticker icons and these are all the stickers i downloaded they are absolutely hilarious guys and if you click on them they will send straight away just like any other sticker so check this out guys because you will make your friends low when you send these stickers.

  1.  something i recently discovered on whatsapp and it's so obvious guys is if you click and hold down on the record button usually you chat rights but if you see here there is actually a little lock icon and it also says slide to cancel so instead of just holding down and recording your voice note then letting go what you can do is click on the record button and swipe up it will now automatically continue to record your voice note until you are ready to just hit that send button .

  2. what you can also do is rather say cancel and then as you see here it will delete that voice note another way you can also delete a voice notes is if you are clicking and holding down and then decide you don't like it you can just swipe to the left and it'll cancel that voice right so i got asked this one a lot in my previous video if you want two spaces to be private guys click on those three dots in the top right hand corner then select status privacy and literally just like that you can select for all your contacts to see your status all your contacts except a couple people or only with the people you select read receipts now.

 Whats App read the message :

as you guys know when you type out a message and send it to someone when they receive the message there's usually two great ticks and then once they've read the message those ticks usually turn blue so now if you don't want someone to see that you've read the message what you do is click on these three dots in the top right hand corner get on over to settings then account and from account you're gonna click on privacy once in privacy you will see this little area where you can toggle off read receipts so now people will not know when you've read the message however you will not be able to see when they've read your message so as you can see you've sent it but the text will remain grey because you've totaled off the setting so now when you are chatting with someone they will not be able to see when you have read their message capisce okay now this one is pretty simple let me know in the comments .

if you already know this one but when you are say chatting to someone or chatting in a group but you can actually do to quickly respond to older messages for example this one is swipe right over it and it'll instantly create a reply window it's such a quick easy way to respond to messages not only instantly but also ones that were sent ages ago so this is really cool because if you have in two conversations within the same group you can literally swipe right to reply to that exact message tarn ft is that while we are on the topic of group chats you can also personally reply to someone from within a group chat so here for example is a message i want to respond to outside of the group so if i click and hold down then select those three dots in the top right hand corner here you'll see reply privately if i select that i'll be able to reply directly to the person who sent that message.

Whats App last seen :

within the group another quick tip is hiding when you were last seen so this usually pops up to show when you were lost on whatsapp but if you want you can click on these three dots in the top right-hand corner hit on over to settings from there go to account and under account select privacy once in privacy you'll be able to just click on last seen and then decide who can see when you were lost on whatsapp .

so guys everybody knows you can change the wallpapers in whatsapp if you click those three dots and select wallpaper from here you can decide to either go for a solid color so i just went through the solid color options i thought this peach one looked pretty cool i set it as the background and yeah it looks nice whatsapp also has a bunch of other ones available for you.

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