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alexandra zarini complicities stepfather for sexually molesting.

 A gory scandal has rocked the @gucci family as aldo gucci's granddaughter , gucci heir alexandra zarini denounces: "complicities of my stepfather, mother and grandma" ,alaxandra zarini has filed a lawsuit against her former stepfather joseph ruffalo for sexually molesting her for over a period of 16 years! Alexandra is 35 years old.

alexandra zarini complicities stepfather for sexually molesting.
 alexandra zarini complicities stepfather for sexually molesting.

  • Gucci, shock report of the heir: "i suffered sexual harassment from my stepfather", Alexandra zarini, granddaughter of the maker of one of the world's most popular apparel companies, lays serious allegations.

  • The young lady, aldo gucci's granddaughter, accused joseph ruffalo, her step-father, of abussing her for years, and even pointed his finger at her mother, patricia gucci and bruna palombo, her grandmother who stayed silent even though they had been informed of her,grandmother, when alexandra confessed to her at the age of 16, asked her to keep the secret.

The biggest regret is that of figures like her mother and grandmother who didn't protect her from an ogre in the house that they should have thrown out of the house. An immense regret for having stolen a childhood and the most beautiful years. A symbolic hug.

Alexandra zarini, the great-granddaughter of guccio gucci, has filed a lawsuit in los angeles against three family members,Excellent move, alexandra. And very beautifully said. This will inspire many others to speak out and seek justice too, even against family members.

They need to be held accountable for their inaction too,"the filing of the 21-page lawsuit was paired with the launch of the heiress’ anti-child abuse nonprofit, the alexandra gucci children’s foundation"

in her legal claim in the superior court of  california,@alexandrazarini social media comments ):

  1.  Alleges that her mother and grandmother “tried to avoid, at all costs, what they perceived would be a scandal that could tarnish the gucci name and potentially cost them millions.”",important legal development which allows adult survivors of child sex abuse to come forward in california.

  2. Thanks to @alexandrazarini  For speaking with me about her case. #gucci,brave truth teller. Thank you .

  3.  As a survivor of sexual abuse in the family i understand. The voice of brave survivors will pave the way for justice and the protection of children.,i understand what you are feeling.

  4. Nothing is worse than a family not protecting and supporting its own children. What you received is also psychological abuse given the clear attempt to manipulate the truth for their convenience. Don't give up go on!

I do believe after the #metoo movement and epstine/maxwell disgrace more victims will have a voice to speak out, all these elite privillaged untouchable people need a big shake up, reminding they are not invisible. Dirty scum, including those that fail to protect their kids.

The child abuser is even in the world of the privileged. Alexandra gucci zarini , granddaughter of aldo gucci, and board member of the brand, until its sale, denounced today q was abused since the age of 6 by stepfather joseph ruffalo, producer of prince musical and earth wind and fire.

The main thing is that victims need to know, they are not alone & collectively we can share knowledge & strength ,zarini admitted in a video posted with alexandra gucci children's foundation youtube that she used medication to deal with the supposed trauma. 

Stepfather ruffalo, however, dismissed the accusations and patricia gucci said she knew about the suspected violence in 2007, notes mailonline. 

The paper also reported that after reading about her daughter's claims, patricia gucci wanted to divorce ruffalo.

A ruffalo lawyer said his client had not obtained legal paperwork and could not respond specifically to the accusations. "he vigorously and categorically rejects what he has been told," said richard crane, lawyer.

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