sefirin kizi Photos and summary of episode 19 Sefirin's daughter, ngm and o3 media co-production, the first part published on december 16, 2019, the regulation of emre kabakuşak, written by ayşe ferda eryılmaz and sedef river erdem together in the turkish-made drama series.

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sefirin kizi Photos and summary of episode 19

Photos and summary of episode 19  you tried to give your life for me..." sefirin kızı new episode presentation is online sancar closes on nare in his grandfather's fort and prevents gediz from entering the palace.

He was prevented from entering the palace that his grandfather once had, ramming gediz. Menekşe also goes crazy when nare stays upstairs.

When kahraman tells her he can save her from nare she decides to cooperate with him. Kahraman put the crime of kidnapping nare on yahya and made a sancar who separated from his enemy friend to his brother, but sancar who was attacked from all four directions has a big surprise for him and everyone.
  • Nare, on the other hand, cannot accept to stay in the same house with the wife of sancar and decides to narrow the palace on the sancar.
  • If sancar can protect her from akın he says he doesn't care about pride and will bear everything nare does. On the one hand nare and on the one hand angel and on the hand gediz and on the one hand kahraman hangs sancar among them in a disastrous way, but when elvan discovers the mistake he once made to nari loses his greatest ally.
  • Now elvan has a gediz tip and will help him kidnap nare from the palace gediz is very excited now that he will finally be able to declare his love for nare.

Hero will be the end of violet... If sancar finds out the two of them are cooperating, he'll definitely get a divorce this time. Elvan must have lost too!! I'm already looking forward to the new episode ❤️.

Meneksh and akin will be terrible,devil akin and i started watching the show just thinking that she wasn't going to get crushed, that she was going to be strong, but there's no change since the first episode.

At least let's be with someone who loves like gediz, not a disgusting character like nare sancar. I'm really just watching it for gediz now. Ruined..,vampire meneske joined forces, how scary! Unhappy what it is to wait for a child in a difficult marriage.

You give him his alimony, violet. The kid's a kid again, but that's not how it works.,i doubt that nare will ever forgive sancar even if she loves him. The best scene in this trailer -- gedizin ate a bucket of water and his punches for müge were taken back,biktik now menekse and akindan from this thing, you have made this series now,menekşe is over, but it is not menekşe that meets with akin, i think elvan,bingo meanwhile a bucket of water gedize went well... Akin 2.

  1. He missed the grizzly setting. The last look of the defendant is the puzzle.. Did menekşe  lose the baby?

  2. nare deserves what happened to those who came to the press because a rumbleless woman was an insult to other women like her.

  3.  she didn't believe her, but she hated her, but what makes me believe that you're a bastard or what i believe, and eminem, if this show continues like this, everyone's stupid. Will there be a blow from ms. Halise, the sole protector of menekşe?.