Introducing the Travis Scott meal from McDonald  it’s a quarter pounder with cheese topped with lettuce, pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup and bacon ☄️ it also comes with hot, crispy 
fries and tangy BBQ sauce to get you feeling like la flame. Straight up!! 🔥 it’s available starting today through October 4! Make sure to try this cactus jack meal before time runs out.

The Travis Scott meal from McDonalds
The Travis Scott meal from McDonalds

Travis Scott's McDonald meal debuted today

The Travis Scott and McDonald's collaboration meal released today and hype beast were camping out for it,Travis Scott's McDonald meal debuted today. Not really much to say about it lol. If you ever wanted @McDonald to shave a buck or two off of a #quarterpounder meal with added bacon, the $6 #travisscott meal is probably for you.Order thru mcd app and make sure to select a large drink. It’s the same $ as a medium lol.When will y’all cop the Travis Scott burger? Hopefully soon.

McDonald's restaurants across the united states:

Collaboration includes everything from apparel to a chicken nugget pillow. In addition, you can now order the Travis Scott meal for $6 at participating McDonald's restaurants across the united states.Travis Scott really got himself his own McDonald's burger!
After a successful first day of release, McDonald's and cactus jack bring us the highlight of their collaboration: the various personalized accessories.

The collectible capsule ranges from t-shirts, shorts and hats; to a la flame action figure, a basketball and a tie in the style of an employee of the fast food chain.Travis Scott for gettin a McDonald's commercial #legendary but that burger ain’t nothing but a big n’ tasty wit bacon.
The Travis Scott meal is real adding of lettuce:
The Travis Scott meal is real & no it doesn't come with nugs (wth) & yes kerry got me some anyway,the meal consist of a quarter pounder w/ cheese w/ the adding of lettuce & bacon, then a medium fry w/ tangy BBQ sauce followed up with a medium sprite w/ ice.

F.Y.I. - i guess the employee didn't know lettuce was suppose to be on the burger cuz both burgers had no lettuce & it was way too busy to go back and have remade.
Its pretty cool with fast-food chains team up and make collabs with artist, only bad thing was, they didn't and weren't offering any Travis Scott toys w/ the meal. But i did hear they're will be toys released with meals at some point.Travis Scott meal as the rapper joins NBA:

McDonald's just dropped the Travis Scott meal as the rapper joins NBA legend Michael Jordan as the only two people with meals named after them this is big for the state of Texas, congrats la flame .

La flame pulling up to a McDonald's in la today to celebrate the release of the Travis Scott meal and collab!Facts we keep going back to McDonald's two or three times a week add it up,just copped an apple pie t-shirt & cj Styrofoam cups.

 closest i’ll get to his McDonald's campaign ,(highest in the room) McDonald's warmly welcome Travis Scott from Ferrari.
People upset about their Travis Scott McDonald's meal is fueling me today lmaoo,so does the Travis Scott meal come with a toy,Travis Scott out here celebrating the release of his McDonald's meal with fans ,the Travis Scott meal is the first McDonald's celebrity-branded meal since Michael Jordan in 1992.

Travis Scott burger jamba juice:
When you ask for the Travis Scott burger make sure you say “jamba juice” to get the happy meal toy,imagine telling the drive thru speaker you want that Travis Scott meal and they respond with “it’s lit!” i’m driving through the restaurant,Travis Scott McDonald's meal details: food, price, merch, toy? .

Its going to be insanely funny if you actually have to say this to get the Travis Scott McDonald meal. Imagining a 12 year old leaning forward in the car explaining it to his mom and shes leaning into the drive thru like "uhm, and i'm supposed to say, 'cactus jack sent us. Me.'
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