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Brie Larson the dating history of the stunning actress.

Brie Larson we are going to figure out the dating history of the stunning actress, brie larson. Brie larson developed an interest in drama when she was just six years old and became one of the a-list actors in the hollywood industry up to now.

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Brie Larson

She is currently well-known for the role of captain marvel in the same name movie and critically acclaimed for her acting skill. Not only brie's acting career is noticed, but also her private life attracts much attention from the public. Many famous men have dated captain marvel star brie larson, and this comprehensive dating history will tell you everything you need to know about brie larson’s love life. So, let follow us to find out!

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1. Cody linley (2006-2007) cody linley was born on november 20, 1989 in lewisville, texas, usa. He is of english, with small amounts of german, irish, and scottish ancestry. Cody linley is perhaps best known for his role as jake ryan (miley cyrus's boyfriend) on disney channel's hit tv series hannah montana. When he was just eight years old, cody acted in his first feature film, the coming of age drama my dog skip with diane lane and kevin bacon. He would go on to star in a variety of roles that evoked an endearing charm that quickly becomes his trademark.

Among his many feature film credits are cheaper by the dozen, miss congeniality, where the heart is, and hoot playing opposite brie larson and logan lerman. American actor and musician cody linley and brie larson had a relationship from march 2006 to 2007. They met each other on the set of the movie hoot. The film wasn't super popular, but larson and linley started to date thanks to it.

They were together for roughly a year before calling it quits. After brie, cody has dated other beautiful celebrities. Two out of these impressive persons are emily osment and demi lovato. Demi even wrote a song- solo, about him. As of now, cody has kept his dating life pretty secluded. Although it's pretty hard to digest, the 29 years old actor does seem to be single at the moment.

2. John patrick amedori (november 2008 to 2012) john patrick amedori was born on april 20, 1987.

He is an american actor and musician. He landed his role in almost famous (2000) by sending the director a videotape of himself playing the electric guitar. Besides, he is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the thirteen-year-old evan treborn in the butterfly effect.

Amedori has also appeared in several television shows, including law & order, nip/tuck, joan of arcadia, and ghost whisperer, as well as a part in the film stick it. Larson dated fellow actor john patrick amedori for roughly four years.

It's unsure how the couple met, but they were a thing. In 2009 they were photographed on vacation in miami, florida. They packed on the pda while they were down south. At that time, they were one of the most sought-after couples in hollywood. But in 2012, the couple called it off without giving any specific reason.

As of 2020, john patrick amedori is reportedly not dating anyone.

3. Alex greenwald (2013-2019) larson began dating alex greenwald, who's the lead singer regarding the musical organization phantom planet, in 2013.

Three years later, they got involved during a vacation to tokyo, japan. They lived together in the hollywood hills, attended events with each other, and larson gushed over him in interviews. Then, the couple got engagement in in may 2016.

Born on october 9, 1979, in los angeles, california, alex greenwald is an american musician, actor, and record producer. He is the lead vocalist of the california rock band phantom planet.

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He also appeared in a few movies and made tv appearances, one being sabrina the teenage witch (1996) with the group. His most notable movie has been donnie darko (2001).

Brie often portrayed the cute actions with her finance, offered him a shout out during her acceptance message in the academy awards in 2015. She said, “my real partner, alex greenwald, i love you.”

 however, things weren’t supposed to be as well as in very early 2019, the couple called off their engagement and split up. They said that “we have taken a step back from our engagement for the time being, but we remain close.”

4. Chris evans (rumor in 2018) chris evans was born on june 13, 1981, in boston, massachusetts, usa.

Chris's father is of half german and half welsh, english, scottish ancestry, while chris's mother is of half italian and half irish descent. Evans made one of his first appearances on the fugitive (2000) (cbs, 2000-2001), a remake of the 1960s series and feature film starring harrison ford.

Besides, chris was well-known for several movies such as the nanny diaries (2007), fantastic four (2005), and especially in captain america franchise.

There was a rumor that two members of marvel family have been dated each other at around 2019 when co-appeared in some premier project of mcu, especially captain marvel and end game. The two have numerous sweet actions and hugged each other so many times during the promotion tours.

However, when being asked about the fling, both of them laughed off the idea of dating. They said that they were not more than anything but a friend, close friends.

5. Chris hemsworth (rumor in 2019) another dating rumor comes from the avenger casts. 

Rumor had it that chris hemsworth and brie larson took a fling when co-starred in the finale avenger endgame. Chris hemsworth was born on august 11, 1983, in melbourne, victoria, australia. He has two brothers liam hemsworth and luke hemsworth.

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Both of them are talented actors. In 2004, he made his first notice for the role of robbie hunter in the australian soap opera home and away (1988). For the next few years, chris stared in a lot of blockbuster projects such as bad times at the el royale (2018), thor franchise, avenger franchise, and being the pivotal actors of mcu.

Currently, chris came back with extraction, significant cooperation with netflix, which is critically acclaimed for his new impressive role.

Back in april 2019, gossip claimed chris hemsworth’s wife, elsa pataky, was jealous of his friendship with larson, whom he co-stars in avengers: endgame. However, they denied the idea of dating, and chris said that he just had the only lover; it was his wife, elsa pataky.

6. George clooney( rumor in 2019) george timothy clooney was born on may 6, 1961, in lexington, kentucky, to nina bruce, a former beauty pageant queen, and nick clooney, a former anchorman, and television host.

After his cousin got him a small part in a feature film, clooney began to pursue acting. His first major role was on the sitcom e/r (1984) as "dr. Doug ross."

after that, he continued to star in a lot of high profile roles such as robert rodriguez's from dusk till dawn (1996), and one fine day (1996).

Earlier this year, gossip spread the rumor that brie larson and george clooney had a fling, although both of them had their engagement or marriage.

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The news claimed that larson and george clooney got flirty while shooting a nespresso commercial in madrid. According to some sources, the captain marvel star had some intimated actions with clooney on set, and his wife amal had some fierce competition coming her way.

Amal allegedly said that larson developed a crush on her husband. But, the truth is: nothing happened between brie and george; brie just portrayed her admiration and received the friendly fun from the married actor.

7. Elijah allan-blitz ( july 2019- recently) elijah allan-blitz was born in 1987, santa barbara, california. He is an actor and director, known for take every wave: laird in vr (2017), the shield (2002), and envoy (2014).

 Besides, allan-blitz was acclaimed for one of the first virtual reality directors for time magazine, an emmy nominee and lumiere award winner. Pictures of larson locking lips with actor and virtual reality director elijah allan-blitz made the rounds in july 2019.

The report spread that the two packed on the pda during a grocery shopping trip to the supermarket lazy acres in calabasas. They looked casual as they spent the day together. Larson was dressed in an orange floral dress and had her hair tied back, while allan-blitz sported a t-shirt with a denim jacket and a pair of jeans.

The actress hasn’t commented on the pictures since they surfaced online, but allan-blitz was by larson's side again when she attended the lacma art + film gala in los angeles on november 2, 2019.

And in oscar 2020, the pair were seen walking hand in hand on the red carpet outside the dolby theatre in los angeles. There was the official signal of their relationship. Yes, there is the dating history of the gorgeous actress brie larson. What do you think about the list, let us know in this comment section? .

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