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Kristen stewart is opening up about her sexuality but admits she felt some pressure.

Kristen stewart is opening up about her sexuality but admits she felt some pressure to be a spokesman for the gay community uh kristin.

Kristen stewart is opening up about her sexuality but admits she felt some pressure.
Kristen stewart

Tells that when she was younger quote i was going out every day knowing i'd be photographed while i was being affectionate with my girlfriend but i didn't want to talk about it i did feel an enormous pressure but it wasn't put on me by the lgbtq plus community i understand that all right so is it fair to expect someone like kristen to be open about her sexuality .

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And be a representative for a community that she's maybe not even comfortable labeling labeling herself as a part of one yeah i don't think it's necessarily fair to make somebody the spokesman of anything that has to do with their life if it's something really personal to them you know what i'm saying it's kind of like she took the queen latifah effect on this one and it never was something that was talked about discussed or known but there were photographs out there and i'm all for that but somebody's personal business and what they do at home
 and in the bedroom .

That's their prerogative if they want to keep it personal it's none of our business now if they choose to open up their life and share it with everybody that's a different story but if she rather not talk about it i mean you know no comment is always the answer and you got to respect that absolutely graham what do you think yeah i couldn't have said that any better i mean obviously in this regard i think using the word opportunity over the word responsibility would be better and i'm all about someone's actions and how they comes out there in the world and present themselves over how somebody would would talk about who they are.

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I'm like a missouri kid i'm from the show me state so as long as she was out there being herself proud of who she is and proud of the people that she represents oh yeah i'm cool with however she wants to go about it morgan and that's not to say that you know the lgbtq plus community doesn't already have amazing representatives as themselves you know that are willing to be open and advocates and mentors for young people and that's not to say she doesn't do that on her own personal time she doesn't want to do it publicly right and i completely understand it's kind of like she doesn't just because she is a massively famous person and she might like women that doesn't mean she all of a sudden needs to have a banner across her forehead and said this is what i'm doing this week .

I completely understand it and i think you said it best roxy it is not our business just because there is somebody who is a public figure they are allowed to go out and have coffee and breakfast and dinner with whomever they would like to and of course there's gonna be photos and you can speculate all you want they are not obligated to give you a response it's like that i think people get confused about these are still normal people they just happen to be in the spotlight so we're happy she's living her best life .

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After months of missing kristen stewart the actress graces the cover of instyle's november 2020 issue in a stunning red christopher john rogers jacket inside the pages the actress gives an open and honest interview about being queer in hollywood and playing princess diana in an upcoming biopic yeah it was announced in june that christian would play the beloved royal in the upcoming drama spencer which of course is diana's maiden name while speaking with cleo duval the director of her upcoming film happiest season.

Kristen shared some of her apprehensions about playing the people's princess including making sure she got her accent just right we don't start shooting until mid-january the accent is intimidating as all hell because people know that voice and it's so so distinct and particular i'm working on it now and already have my dialect coach the movie is set to begin production in 2021 and focuses on a weekend in the 90s when diana realized that her marriage to charles was failing in preparation to play the beloved royal the former twilight star.

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Admits that she's been doing some heavy research about the family telling in style i've gotten through two and a half biographies and i'm finishing all the material before i actually go make the movie and once she began researching diana's story kristen admits that she was struck with emotion saying it's one of the saddest stories to exist ever and i don't want to just play diana i want to know her implicitly i haven't been this excited about playing a part by the way in so long now the actress is getting real about the added pressure of being queer in hollywood and representing the lgbtq plus community on screen revealing the first couple of times .

I played queer characters i was not openly queer yet i'm drawn to stories and people for a reason and i think by default i represent what i stand for she adds i do think it's important that we step into different roles and into other people's shoes in order to really expand ourselves albeit not ever taking up space for people who should be telling their own stories kristin stars alongside mackenzie davis and dan levy in the christmas rom-com happiest season which sees her planning to propose to her girlfriend harper while attending a family party only to discover harper hasn't actually come out to her conservative parents yet as it turns out.

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kristen says that it was her own experiences that drew her to the role telling the magazine the first time i ever dated a girl i was immediately being asked if i was a lesbian and it's like god i'm 21 years old i felt like maybe there were things that have hurt people i've been with not because i felt ashamed of being openly gay but because i didn't like giving myself to the public in a way it felt like such thievery she adds i think the added pressure of representing a group of people or representing queerness wasn't something i understood then only now can i see it.

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