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Lana Del Rey was pictured leaving a book signing in LA with a glittery face mask .

Lana del rey was pictured leaving a book signing in la with a glittery face mask for protection. 

Lana Del Rey was pictured leaving a book signing in LA with a glittery face mask .
Lana del rey

The singer, 35, sparked concern from her fans after being snapped leaving a signing of her new poetry book 'violet backwards over the grass’.

This was the controversial #mask #lanadelrey wore during the signing of her latest book of poems violet bent backwards over the grass.

The event, which attracted dozens of fans, was held in a shopping center in los angeles.

The artist was harshly criticized for this. Her sister, caroline grant, came to her defense, pointing out that lana tested negative on her last # covid_19 test.

Lana del rey faces backlash for wearing this mask here's one of the stories we're following at entertain this it was sparkly it was glittery but medically it may have been useless lana del rey wore this mesh face covering at a surprise signing for her new book of poetry .

The pop-up event took place at barnes noble in la's the grove now the mall's outdoors but it appears this event was not okay we'll see you soon photos show lana chatting with fans now it's unclear whether there was a filter underneath the mask regardless people aren't happy with the message it sent .

These are just a few of the comments she's received on instagram lana posted a new video on sunday and this time she's wearing a cloth mask without perforations del rey isn't the first celeb to face criticism over her mask selection alyssa milano posted this selfie in may and she too received backlash over the holes in the mask .

Milano claimed that a carbon filter was underneath hers the cdc recommends you wear a mask with two or more layers that's secured over your nose and mouth and under your chin to prevent the spread of coven 19. 

Lana del rey has upset some of her fans due to her choice of face mask at a recent book signing in california the star appeared at a branch of barnes and noble in los angeles where she read passages from her new poetry book violet bend backwards over the grass at the event .

Del rey wore a glittery mesh face mask that she'd previously used in a cover shoot for interview magazine it would appear that the mask provided no barrier to the spread of kovat 19.

The has contacted lana del rey's team for a comment lana please wear a real mask i'm begging you be safe wrote a concerned fan under an instagram photo of the star at the book signing i love lana but this is incredibly irresponsible said another girl we're in the middle of a pandemic added a third del rey's sister caroline chuck grant who live-streamed the poetry reading on instagram said the singer had tested negative and was remaining six feet away from her fans .

However pictures posted on the pop culture twitter account at pop crave showed the star posing next to fans after the reading at least one was not following california's social distancing guidelines please tell me that there's some sort of see-through sheer woven or clear plastic liner under the mesh responded one fan it is possible that there was a transparent protective layer to the mask some stores offer see-through coverings that enable the heart of hearing to lip read while other ranges cater to fashion.

Conscious consumers the star has yet to address the criticism but on sunday posted a video on instagram in which she read a poem while wearing a camouflage mask which she removed at the end of the clip finally a real mask responded instagram user at meganbots under the post face coverings reduce the spread of coronavirus droplets from coughs sneezes and speaking they should mainly be worn to protect other people
from coronavirus .

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