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The perfect way to walk when you enter your wedding hall.

Wedding hallIn order to make your wedding ceremony the best it could possibly be, the important thing to do is hold a rehearsal. Many times it's held the day before the wedding, two days before the wedding, or even the day of the wedding. Because you want everybody to walk down in some sort of uniform manner and you want them to know exactly where they're standing. 

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wedding hall.

You want them to have their marks so that when they get up to wherever it is the ceremony's being done that everything looks beautiful. Many, many people pick their own music to walk down the aisle to.

There's no such thing anymore as having to walk down to "here comes the bride" or "pachelbel canon." they take different moods from music and different styles of music and therefore you want to rehearse it so that the bride and groom know exactly what the wedding party's going to look like.

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It's extremely important to be familiar with the music, to have the people who are walking down the aisle familiar with the music and familiar with the space where they're walking down the aisle. Then you can tell them if you want them to walk a little faster, a little slower, if you want it extremely solemn or if you want a youtube dancing event.

All these things are things that the bride and groom can choose but it's important to do a rehearsal so that everybody who walks down the aisle with you is on the same page.

Here's the perfect way to walk when you enter
your wedding hall :

As the wedding approaches, most brides tend to split their time between choosing the right dress and making the necessary masks for the body and skin, completely ignoring the fact that this day needs a perfect gait to complete the look.

Of course, some may see an exaggeration with the walk, but the reality is that some women are happy in a curved way, which affects their appearance, so today we decided to help you, ma'am, with some indispensable advice, to get a perfect gait on this day:

1- straight walking: walking upright is indispensable on your wedding day, so that your head is raised and fixed, to show more confidence in yourself and your beauty, without any shame or exaggeration. We recommend that you practice a lot in this way of walking, especially if you have a curvature in the back. Don't forget the importance of keeping your shoulders straight, without bringing them back too much.

 2- medium steps some brides sometimes miss fast walks compared to those around them. So make sure that during these moments, your steps are medium, so don't rush and make them big, so you don't lose your charm and femininity. You should also tighten your abdomen in, with your hips back, as these steps will help you walk regularly.

3- head firmness the firmness of the head is indispensable for a great look, so don't tilt your head forward or backward; but this should be done regularly and without exaggeration, so you don't lose your balance and comfort while walking.

4- comfortable shoes this choice helps you achieve the previous points very comfortably, which is why the shoe should be with a wide and firm heel. With regard to wearing shoes that come with an ankle strap, never hesitate to buy them, so you can rest your feet while standing and walking. In the end, i'm going to have to go to the whatever your preference for high heels, you should never wear them on this day so you can continue the day without pain.

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