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8 Facts Until You Reach Your İbrahim Çelikkol And Demet Ozdemir My Home My Destiny.

Scandalous news for my home my fate / doğduğun ev kaderindir followers. We will say goodbye to the protagonist of the famous project in the next episode. What happened? What happened? Çelikkol leaves my home my destiny tv series.

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8 Facts Until You Reach Your İbrahim Çelikkol And Demet Ozdemir My Home My Destiny.

1-Turkish television shows are known for clichés. The lead protagonists are committing failures in real world unforgivable, but forgiveness and harmony with heroines are ultimately obtained in the television series, which lead the audience to be somewhat negative. But the creators and authors seem to have eventually understood that the public wants more truthful tales from them.

2-The tv series my home my destiny has also determined not to whiten mehdi's main character and not to get him back to zeynep (demet ozdemir). The next episode — diebrahim çelikkol — is going to say goodbye to ogm pictures' project. The tale of mehdi has finished. While the public enjoy the lead star, his character pays for the faults. His character. The çelikkol fans should not be angry, however. It became clear that the actor had been negotiating for birce akalay and miray daner as the star of the netflix flight of the birds/kuş uçuşu sequence with ay yapim. Whether the parties consent, the iconic acting duet of the black and white love sequence can again be shown.

3-"your home is your born" sequence begins with much excitement. So what is going to happen in the latest 'home you born is your destiny' episode? What between zeynep and barış is going to happen? What is mahdi's justification for leaving the series? Is benal going to be satisfied with his kid? In our film, this and more. If you tell mehdi isn't supposed to quit the movie, don't forget and share the footage. Please voice your feelings in the comments with those who argue that the series never has to conclude. Let's see how much people enjoy the show.

4-The abrupt exit of çelikkol fell back to the series for a week. Indeed, although the new episode was ready, when the replicated episode is given, it became obvious why. Such a split has been spoken about for a long time. But no choice came to be. But no decision. The constructive negotiations in the new series of challenge Abrahim çelikkol contributed to this decision by the nice star. Sunday evening's unveiling of the new episode trailer and abrupt disappearance was a harbinger of a mistake. For çelikkol to abruptly exit the series and leave the set, more scenes were needed. Often, it took time for screenwriters to construct a new plot. This is why the latest portion was written.

5-Time was saved by postponing it after a week. Though erkan petekkaya's presence as a guest star in the show has raised interest, the departure of çelikkol has made the followers very furious. See how much time can erkan petekkaya be a visitor and forget about mahdi's character? Together we're going to see. Though mehdi, who threatens any human being's existence because of his misconduct, is ready to cover cengiz's guys, erkan petekkaya, who in the red room series draws attention to sadi's character and will deal with the case, is included in the series as the old friend of ali rıza. Ali rıza will talk about the assault to his buddy and request his assistance, and will work together to get the men of cengiz to his knees. Since the last event, the rage of zeynep is immense, and mahdi is incredibly angry. Zeynep will continue to encourage and support müjgan with love by showing her response to mahdi.

6-When the mahdi gives peace to all his friends, we realise that the battle between peace and the mahdi is finished. Barış requested ali rıza for assistance in the disruption of the mahdi, seeing it. All will now continue to fight as a force to bring an end to these assaults. Ie nothing is going to be the same as it was before. What do you think about our dramatic change? Can this union bring mahdi and barış to a friendship? In your comments, i'll wait for your opinions. Finally, those around him are affected by the hazards of life infected by the mahdi. The assault of genghis triggered an earthquake in everybody's lives, particularly in the mahdi, and he is also committing a crime to kill the mahdi.

7- Although zeynep, who hasn't seen the face of the day and had a nice day, now faces greater challenges, at this point barış won't abandon zeynep. The reality regarding cengiz obviously began to arise. He said his father had a buddy when cengiz encountered mehdi. But cengiz was not his father's friend but an adversary. On the other side, as the lives of cemile and noah become normal, they are very anxious about recent events. We're not too anxious if we suggest cemile's approach to noah is going to get angry again. The mahdi cannot leave this condition alone, and it is obvious that he cannot confront cengiz.

8- Ali rıza's
strength, to whom we have so far been grateful, will join the game and take the first move towards defending his mates. After that, the sequence will evolve in another way and there will be very different incidents. Cengiz's work was not quite accurate, as i said in the previous videos. Mahdi saw this in time and knew it live. Mehdi became aware that things were very different when he entered cengiz's hazardous job. But he now has an irreversible journey. The next day will lead to turmoil in mahdi's company. This is why he had to go.

He wanted to leave. Cengiz continued to threaten and want to drive him back to work in terror of his loved ones in order not to facilitate this. But after what he heard and saw, mahdi won't come back to this task. Since knowing about the attack, cengiz thinks your dad has gone too far and would expect him to assume action instantly. Your next friendship can just get worse, though. Day after day, genghis is increasingly pushing father mehdi. Every day genghis father would try to do another bad to weary the mahdi. In the next episode zeynep is expected to face a greater threat. Mahdi's enemies are increasing daily. Genghis wishes mahdi's loved ones to be killed. That is to add, all cengiz's enemies would be mahdi's enemies. Yes, we gentlemen, this analytical video has come to a close. "their creation is your fate" tv series.

With a new season in which unpredictable and fun surprises await the auditorium the series "my home my destiny/doguğun ev kaderindir" is back on the turkey display. Eylem canpolat, the project scriptwriter, spoke about it. My home my destiny television series: what's next? Ogm pictures continues to entertain turkish audiences with non-standard, extremely interesting stories. The performance of four television reveals that produner onur guvenatam has taken the right action, focused on the books of psychologist gülseren budayıcıoğlu – evermore, my home my destiny, the red space, and the innocent apartment. Naturally, project authors have an important part to play in this performance.

Eylem canpolat, in particular, who works in the script for the my home my destiny/dogduğun ev kaderindir tv series. She shows some secrets of the new season of the project, which will begin in the very near future, during a live broadcast with her followers on instagram. A cross-over of the two famous tv shows in the business is not excluded by the scriptwriter. It is likely that a counsellor would be used in the red room tv series in the immediate future by mehdi and zeynep. Around the same time, mrs. Canpolat acknowledged that because of censorship, which would not encourage certain things to be covered, it is quite challenging for her to function.

Therefore, the scripts of the series are identical in turkey. However, the author gülseren budayıcıoğlu has the assistance of this author, who met not only her but also the director and producer to explore the story's psychological features. Mrs eylem often pays keen attention to the reviews from the crowd, which would be incomplete without her plot. Offering unforeseen surprises in the new season. One is the latest and rather significant character, baris, which engin oztürk will play. He transforms the life of demet özdemir's leading character. We will realise the destiny of the heroes we love soon enough. The production of activities is tracked.

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