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Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar announces his relationship with Oya Unustasi .

Ahmed tansu chanlar declares his ties and welcomes her at her birthday with Oia onostasi, writing: "The biggest chance in existence. You were born a wonderful thing, dear sir. It is a good thing. I do appreciate you." The two had a love affair of five years, got involved and divorced the same year until marriage in 2016, the same year.

Earlier, after a partnership spanning more than five years and oddly in the one month before their breakup the artist ahmed Tansu Tashanlar posted on his facebook page, the artist has once again made me believe that love stories are real and then the artist oia ono Stasi has removed all the love photos she and the artist ahmed ta.

The Turkish actor Ahmet tansu taşanlar, who was born 31 May 1984 in the city of Ankara, Turkish, trained and graduated. He began his career as a cultural centre in 1996 and was educated for four years in 2002 before his university degree in 2006. Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar, Turkish artist, was born in turkey, studied and graduated in Ankara University Theatre, and became a talented artist who supported him and his name in popularity and soon became popular.

 In 1996 he began to work at the cultural theatre and in 2002 he was educated for a period of 4 years to graduate from the University in 2006. Turkish actress and playwoman OIah was born in Istanbul on January 1, 1998, but is from the coastal town of Izmir and graduated from the University of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts Nay Department. She studied elementary and secondary studies in Istanbul, then studied theatre and art in the field of turkish drama and comedy.

In the series temporary acacia, in 2088, the young artist tansu tashanlar took part in a famous Turkish series, which won admiration from a Turkish audience, and since then also has a 3 part series directed by haka arslan in 2010 and participated in the series le soit una cloud and embodied the chara in 2009. The Turkish flute-player who was able to create an impression on the world of Turkish dram and satire, while she began her artistic career with a big-screen tilt and a box office, was considered to be one of the Turkish actresses in the adult club of the Turkish artistic core.

Born in Istanbul on January 1st, 1988 but originally from the coastal town of Izmir, Oya graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (the Department of Flute) at the University of Sinan Architecture (HU), Istanbul, completing her primary and secondary studies at Istanbul and completing her university studies. Oya started her career with cinema, where she appeared in 2010, less than a year later with the Turkish display izmir I alternatively introduced some other television works and took part in Turkish films kaybedenler kulübü.

Maybe the most popular of her comedy series in 2015, and Artgarel resurrection now, left my core at Kalbim ege'de kaldı. She brings a jarand to the tribe as his son osman's kid and sees him as a master and not as a neighbour. The protagonist of the "gonool" movie, who has become a marvellous feature of the series. She reveals that her intensity in love with a girl is with miran. The fight goes on while he wants to get his heart. The stunning blonde girl oya was born 1988 in istanbul.

The eyes are green and the hair is long and smooth. Height and weight up to 168 cm. At the university of ma'ammar sinan she studied arts. She joined the blacklist talent agency and saw a chance to act. Through her long background, she was able to make her first job appear in 2010 and she managed to grab the attention with her brilliance and great skill. And they give as normal several marvellous characteristics.

One of Oia's popular works is "zahra al-trinity," one of the biggest Turkish sequence in the Arab and Turkish world. He has a rather big audience that is unlike other romantic drama of the same viewership for two successive seasons. The agenda with her ex-friend was Oia onostasi, who captured attention as jonol individual who described her in the hercai series. He had a long-term connection with Oia onostasi, who was playing gunol in herkai with a wife of miran.

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