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Berk oktay celebrated the birthday of his lover yıldız çağrı atiksoy.

With the sweet post on his instagram account, Berk Oktay dated the birthday of his lover Yildız çagan atisoy, with whom he was planning to wed. FOR THE COMMISSION, "My wife... My wife May your existence be as pure as your heart's cleanness, as calm as your spirit.

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Berk oktay celebrated the birthday of his lover yıldız çağrı atiksoy.

Blissful anniversary "It was a misunderstanding. In the first two seasons of the warrior series Berk oktay and yıldız çağrı atiksoy played the lover as the plot. Yıldız çağrı atiksoy was not included in the series for the next 2 seasons. Over this time, his ex-wife, şarapaçıoğlu, divorced also from Berk Oktay. Since the progression of time, two former co-stars met co-incidentally on their birthday and expressed their common desire.

Berk oktay and yıldız atiksoy didn't pause in the camera. Both famous faces, with their behaviour, vocabulary and appearances, communicated affection for each other, came easily into love. Berk oktay regularly posts something about his series on social media and publishes some images over the season. The popular actor, however, shares his role with his lover and communicates the grandeur of his passion. The pair, who in a limited time merged and brought their love to the very peak, prove that they still look at each other.

This is the message of Berk Oktay "my lady..." is sufficient to show it all. Since the summer seasons Berk oktay and yıldız çağrı atiksoy enjoy each other... The berg oktay grew loyal to his former co-star yıldız çağrı atiksoy after a troubled divorce from merve şarapçıoğlu, and the couple's high energy showed a great love. Two renowned names made one of their life's greatest choices. "Let us grow old together," she asked Berk Oktay to his lover. Yıldız çağrı atiksoy replied "yes" and agreed to the proposal on marriage. Via their instagram pages, two famous names told their fans that. 

Fans of berk oktay and yıldız çağrı atiksoy also wished the social media double happiness and said they were really pleased with this growth. Berk Oktay showed again his romance and said "I grew up, said yes" in his letter, announcing that they'd get married. He said yes. Berk oktay, who signed with forbidden fruits at the beginning of the season 2020-2021, shocked all his fan after bringing life to the role of Kajan bozok in the Warriors Series for four seasons. In the first two seasons of the warrior storey, with whom it has been together since summer, the popular actor has a comfortable friendship with his girlfriend yıldız çağrı atiksoy. The pictures of happiness on the two's social accounts were also predicted to follow a somewhat different direction in 2021.

 The magazine's agenda was Berk oktay and yıldız çağrı atiksoy who were on the road to marriage. It is viewed as the first indication of marriage for the pair to involve their families in their partnership. Social media expressed the glad moments of the couple who came to Uzmir. In his visit to I Dezmir Berk Oktay met his relatives first and then his lover's family. Berk al-Oktay, who met his lover's mother yeşim hanım and his father's kemal bey, wrote the notice "Continue praying mother and dad" on his instagram account.

This meeting was viewed as an advancement towards marriage by the pair. Since the warriors marked the fourth season, at the beginning of the fifth season it suffered a major crisis. The leading actor Berk oktay resigned, and entered the banned series of fruit. In comparison, gay turgut evin gave up the tv series and began in the cast of tövbeler olsun broadcasted on trt1. The series also included other separation news. The gökçen-playing Elit andaç çam left the development with Demir Dögan's character as well. The Ayça character Feyza sevil güngör also said goodbye to the squad.

 Following the warriors' separations, viewers believed development might not resume. The findings indicate, though, that it is not. The warriors' series were created to return to the television with a new theme and cast, it turned out. Press reports have reflected interviews with ekin mert daymaz for the series. An significant indication was provided by a new piece of information that the warriors series might return to the television. The journalist Birsen altuntaş announced that erkan merico entered a series cast with the role of bektaş subaşı.

 The film was also available in German. A very critical development is to make an understanding with the player. In the 2012 series Acayip hikayeler (strange stories), Erkan meriç started his acting career. In the TV series Beyaz karanfil, he drew attention (white clove). But in the regular series called the prisoner of love the key role that took him up to the fore was ömer's character. If you know, at the time the series was transmitted the actor shared his lead role with hazal subaşı. The two names quit the series afterwards.

There was no knowledge of erkan meriç that after separation he played a role in a different development. In other terms, Meriç will soon find his fans again with the warrior series, which wasn't on the screen for much but is curious for his fans. The curiosity among your fans will be dramatically increased. The popular actress Yıldız çağrı atiksoy, who we watched during the guerrillas and then my sequence of champions in recent years, was on the agenda with her love life in summer with berk oktay.

Really, the couple was companion of the warriors of TV shows... Also addressed was that the singer merve özbey played a role in starting the duo's partnership after the divorce of his wife from berk oktay. The seminary was held by the author and behavioural scientist Yıldız çağrı atiksoy, aşkım kapışmak in istanbul, Germany. The bilateral reporters even addressed the queries... The fact that atiksoy and kapışmak interacted through wonderful özbey again was a rather curious coincidence. Atiksoy said, "It's going very well, we have plenty of momentum, and we're very pleased. I think it is a good thing.

We would really want to dream about the future together for a long time. "Whenever the time is perfect, it's happening," he added. As the reporters questioned her about the contrast between his character in that time and his actual lover because of her work with Berk Oktay at the warriors. "We all have a character but at times friendship and connection will alter. Yıldız çağrı atiksoy said, ' We were acquainted with Berk already. This is why I know it. I know it. It's another matter to walk a path together." Yıldız çağrı atiksoy said the relationship and position of a berk oktay were both significant to him.

Berk oktay, who starred in the warrior series broadcast on fox tv with the role of Captain Kağans bozok, was struck by a message on his social media site. The warriors series, as you know, were published in the new season in three episodes and no new episodes were filmed then. Discussions regarding the series started after last season's transmission of the stock episodes. It was on Berk Oktay's agenda, the producer of the series, who agreed with Limon film for the series shot at Eskişehir in early September, but it wasn't shooting.

It was also confusing to introduce the instructor series on FOX TV Sunday night after three episodes were transmitted. After the manufacturer had confirmed that he had negotiated with murat serezli and sarp levendoğlu that played the series' other main names, there was no long-term news of the series and berk oktay was on vacation during that time sharing his separate posts in istanbul puzzled his fans. Last week, the film's announcement that the 5th season will launch last week has also alleviated the series' followers.

The squad is looking forward to reuniting. By the way, Berk oktay again gained publicity by posting his next birthday in his social network. Recently, many well-known names urged their followers to contribute to certain sites rather than to give them their birthdays. A related declaration came from berk all right. The actor who was born on 28 October 1982 requested the fans not to give him a birthday but to make a donation to life without a cancer organisation. This is the division: On October 28 of this year I am excited to celebrate my most special birthday. For kids of my birthday, I want to be a ray of hope. By the @iyilikpaylas Social Donation Website, I launched my birthday campaign for @kansersizyasam. I'm linking to my organic. I'm eager and anxious to make our kids smile with your contributions. No finer donation than this is for me.

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