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Burak deniz and his girlfriend Didem soydan were infected with corona.

Burak deniz and the coronavirus-infected Didem soydanthe findings from the study of turkish star burak deniz and his amant "Didem  soydan " indicated that the latest coronavirus was positive. After the infection of hazalkaya a few days earlier, burak deniz caught the infection and entered quarantine, it was restored to the stars in turkey.

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Burak deniz and his girlfriend Didem soydan were infected with corona.

They currently have some minor effects in their homes. The star burak deniz is currently showed with the "marashli" sequence and the co-star alina boz, led by the fated sabanji, is part of the consistency of the action work carried out by the police. A turkish journal article on a fight between burak and his partner, Didem soydan , had made a huge hit about it.

After the picture session her lover conducted with the actress alina boz, the heroine of the series also appeared in a major change the news reported by the turkey newspaper aksam Didem according to the newspaper, Didem had increased his conflict, and amid the latter's efforts to protect himself he expelled the burak from her house. The neighbours were disturbed, and then the cops were informed and told they heard the diamond shouted angrily that burak was not able to get out of the series and comply with alina outside the filming locations.

Didem was not waiting a little while to speak on this storey, denying it completely and thoroughly, and confirming that the only thing that spreads knowledge that she's in love with burak and the remainder are manufactured without any proof or evidence. For several months, burak, and Didem had been in a love affair and were admitted to hospital in the past, where they had been subjected to an ambulance after suffering an emergency. The turkish actor burak deniz, identified as murad, mourned his father's passing, the teoman deniz, and on thurday, he was buried in izemir, after a heart attack. 

Poor incidents in recent times seem to have haunted burak deniz. When the zalzal happened two weeks ago, his parents' home in izmir was devastated and taken from the house to a secure location. His mother, Didem soydan , was subjected to the appendectomy and remained with her overnight for days in the hospital. Bringing the coronavirus to the end, shooting his latest series "marashli" was delayed more than once before.

The turkish actor burak deniz managed to avoid the journalists and tv cameras waiting at his lover's home, the turkish model Didem soydan , where he declined to have press conversations and went to his place. But the photographers from papertzi had taken burak deniz photographs, keeping the core of his beloved djadam sweidan as he entered her house, and denize simply referred to turkey's felicitations for his latest "marashli" collection.

This has been the case for the turkish press and the social media, especially after a recent night in his friend's house, 36 and 29 years old in burak deniz. People engaged with photos shared by turkish accounts and social networking pioneers in which some conveyed their particular wonder and secrecy at that partnership, and others claimed that the relationship between burak and his ex-friend was stronger.

Turkish sources referred to a burak-Didem partnership, that it was 17 years of friendship, that two years ago it became a partner. In the series "marashli," burak deniz speaks about an influential private guard born and raised in amber marash. Burak deniz is appointed spy in an organisation. In spite of all his attempts to keep his business with the super-modelle Didem soydan private, the turkish actor burak deniz eventually agreed to publish it.

After an extended span in the news of their affairs, burak deniz recently shared its first selfie in a long-standing affair with his partner mudel Didem soydan . It must be noted that after the collapse of burak deniz and the establishment of a relation with bouchra devielli, many reports showed the turkish artist besti kokdemeer's love of burak deniz following she took up the camera's lenses and the besti for the first time in a store in the kurosh region.

The turkish series "marashli," which stops the film because of what happened to the turkish actor burak deniz, is facing a big problem now. There has been a revelation that about two weeks before they go back to film again the key hero of the work of the latest corona virus will be placed in the home stone. This will certainly not show the next episode unless every star sequence is shot. There have been several doubts as to whether the virus affected his co-star, turkish comedian booz, though most scenes are represented together by their love affair. Both queries are resolved in the next few hours.

Saying "marashli," his tale is about a retired soldier called "al-marashli" who has opened a second-hand bookstore since quitting the special forces group and his only purpose in existence is to bring back his ill daughter into being and save his life in the mahor turrell. In spite of the new work, it was stated that caused a problem between him and his lover's model Didem soydan due to their change on the effect of an audacious picture session the hero of the series was subjected to and confirmation by the news that elena dropped the burak from their homes where they live.

In her video, she posted on her instagram account, the actor's girlfriend broke her silence, saying: "the only reality of the whole tale is that i and burak have a bond. And the rest of the news: how odd and without evidence or evidence as far as possible." in contrast, the series instagram account announced that burak participates in an italian job and it is mentioned that the actor has already begotten to film the 8-episode work and will be seen for original works through the disney plus network and that he will play the role of a gay young man in the next piece.

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