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Episode 55 Kuruluş Osman(The Ottoman): Trailer And Summary.

Kuruluş Osman Series to watch War is waged in the latest section of the osman foundation against the mongol-byzantine alliance this week, osman bey is engaging in a life and death struggle in the osman of the tv series against the mongolian-byzantine alliance which is awaiting the audience with great interest. In establishment osman, one of the tv series Series house that has been closely monitored, the suspense increases a little each week.
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Episode 55Kuruluş Osman(The Ottoman): Trailer And Summary.

It caters a lot to the public in the second half of the series and is not the peak of the rankings, which often makes new episodes more curious. Turkish series The institution osman is to display a new episode full of suspense and action on atv screen on wednesday, april 21 at 20:15. Turkish series dubbed in arabic Osman bey will battle the byzantine mongolian alliance for life and death in the 55th episode of the season, which has thwarted nikola's plans. 

This decision by Turkish series in arabic osman bey who rejected the raid on the söğüt by nicholas and resisted the byzantine army on the frontline changed the dynamic in the drastic area once again. Once again. Yarhisar tekfuru's brutality, which puts heavy taxes on the mongolian pressures, forces the inhabitants of yarhisar to seek refuge in osman bey. The rejection of the proposal of togay to return the refugees means that osman bey is restoring the byzantine-mongolian alliance. 

When togay planned a big operation against kayı obası, the byzantine soldiers were put under his command against osman bey. Malhun hasun, who wants in this war to support osman bey, faces his parent, uur bey. How is osman going to come back from the frontline where he was against nikola? How is osman going to take action against the byzantine-mongolian alliance? What is the way in which the inhabitants of yarhisar are sheltering in kayı obası? What's going to alter the dündar death in the camp? Can malhun hatun, who wants to help osman bey, convince his daddy, umur bey? How's togay setting up a kayı obası assault game? How can nikola convince the mongols to enter the alliance? 

What is the fate of cerkutay, who has played an important part in operation söğüt? The development, concept and scenarios for the projects belongs to the mehmet bozdağ; on wednesdays night's atv screens, the osman establishment, led by metin günay, and featuring burak özçivit and character osman bey, remains. Great surprises in the latest Turkish series new osman section osman bey reveals that his uncle dündar bey is a spy in this week's episode of a storey, which is observed with considerable interest. In the second season, which is viewed with passion, 'establishment osman', which draws considerable interest from the viewers and does not fall down from the top of the ratings, will be on the atv screen with its latest episode on wednesday, march 31 at 20:00.

 In episode 52, umur bey's surrender to the osman bey's deception by the byzantine troops from constantinople would mark the 52nd episode of the season. Calling his martyrs, kayi obasi while osman bey seized horses that uur bey was to give to the castle i dinnegöl; kayılar who repelled the assault by togay was stirred up by the martyrs' agony. In order to infiltrate the castle, umur bey declares that he will try to trade with nicola, but it persists because he does not support the osman bey.

 The tensions between them continue. To use togay to delete osman bey, dündar bey intended. When savcı bey reports that supporting units are nearing i to negöl, osman bey acts by gathering the mountain alps. In order to bring an end to the pressure between osman bey and umur bey, βey edebali welcome them to his lodge, ignorant of each other. When umur bey hands the mind caught by malhun hatun over to osman bey, the traitor is seen to be dündar bey. When he discovers the betrayal of his uncle, what would osman bey do? Who raided the marriage roof, how would osman bey take vengeance of togay? What would be required to keep the byzantine powers from touching constantinople? How does malhun hatun respond to the blocking of his byzantium trade by oman bey? 

How is the wounded gonca hatun going to happen? How will bamsı bey respond, who has lost his gazi abdurrahman friend? Is nikola going to abandon his togay alliance? What would happen in the meeting of umur bey, osman bey? The manufacture, project and scenario belong to mehmet bozdağ, and on wednesday evenings, "establishment osman" is directly managed by metin günay and features burak ozçivit, the hallmark of oosman bey. Production: bozdağ movie production design of project: mehmet bozdağ producer: bozdağ mehmet chief executive officer: metin günay directors: script: mehmet bozdağ, aslı zeynep peker bozdağ bozdağ cast: burak özçivit (osman), nurettin sonmez, ragıp savaş (dündar), erkan avcı (nikols), didem balcın (selcan), yıldız çağrı atiksoy (malhun hatun), seda yıldız (şeyh edebalı), yeşim ceren bozoğlu (hazal hatun), kanbolat görkem arslan (prosecutor), seray kaya (lena), mert turak (sulleyman).

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