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Hande erçel and kerem bürsin are in love but the ratings are blown out!

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are loved, but they blown out the scores! The Fox TV-series "You knock on my doors" finished the season with its 39th episode and sent the public a good-bye until June. The time for you to knock at my door started with the arrival of the warrant collection.

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Hande erçel and kerem bürsin are in love but the ratings are blown out! 

During this time, Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel would have had the chance to relax with their colleagues. When the show ends in June, I'll have you knocked back on the screen and try to make fans again satisfied as a friendly, romantic summer comedy. Kerem bürsin continues his work and keeps its shape. At the exit of the gym, he greeted and replied with reporters. The player said the firing would be stopped for some time and would resume later. Their humble nature was also evident.

The player said he skipped the holidays so looked towards the pandemic to see if possible. He said he was in the same gym with his girlfriend hande erçel. For the last few weeks, he had to apologise for all who went to the cafés and removed his mask and say "You're an asshole." "You are an idiot" "Using the term stupid was incorrect. I'm sorry I've been wrong, "Kerem Bürsin said he wouldn't speak about it any more, worrying. The process of pandemics continues, the number of cases is rising and the hospitals are packed, the process is difficult to take seriously. He added. Kerem Bürsin explains that without taking into account laws, people ought to take care against pandemics.

He was questioned about claims of passion concerning the handle erçel. He's also stated how bored the player is. Bürsin Kerem said, "Too much is not enough to talk. Life is fine. Well, life is good." Hande erçel, who is working out in the same gym, said the chorus took a break. How does the holiday schedule stand? Kerem bürsin liked the showcase of the hande erçel! The actors Hande erçel and Kerem Büre knock on my door pair, and their fans are really matched. Their characters as couples who achieve screen happiness were liked by the two young players. Erçel and Bürsin are among the most famous names in the last word, who have won praise for their good act.

In their private lives the viewers who watch the display compare the two teams. Perhaps, with information "there is love within them," they are on the media agenda of the magazines but they don't care about such declarations and keep on doing their work. Although they claim that they do not always have relationships, they are obvious from their answers to the questions they are even confused with. But that doesn't stop fans from looking amazing! The amount of eda and serkan characters in this series continues to grow, both in the social media. 

Of course, any article they post immediately appears on the social networking agenda. Hande erçel is not on the radar of the social network with about 21 million fans. There are 7,3 million supporters for Kerem bürsin. They even delight their followers with installations on live broadcasts every now and then. The final season will take place tomorrow evening (April 17) for a while on the tv. The series "You knock at my house" began as a summer series and went on all year round. Decision from Fox tv, but until June, will begin the broadcast. 

This were very pleased with the decision some who wanted to see Erçel and Bürsin on the phone. The fans are really pleased with their commentaries on the articles of each other. The final example was from the share of handle erçel. Erçel shared her face on clothes with a picture of the company. Kerem Bürsin gave a taste and statement quickly.

You're knocking at me (sen cal kapimi) Sequence of television: Title original: sen cal kapimi Title: Knock at my house, English: Often referred to as: Genre: satire, drama. Fourteen+ episodes Net: fox tv Broadcasting: 8 juillet 2020 – Network: fox tv Manufacturer: mf yapim Manager: donmez altan Writing screen: ayse uner kutlu Filming places: isanbul, turkey. Summary A tall, gorgeous college student, Eda (hande ercel). She manages to survive all the difficulty of her life with the help of her father, after her parents' death when she was a little child. Eda teaches landscape design with a complete scholarship at a private university. She is retired from university last year after her bursary is cut without notice. 

Since she is admitted for a degree at one of Italy's universities, Eda is dreaming of a university degree and a degree in Italy. Then eda begins working part-time in the flower shop of her father. She stays in a comfortable house with her friend Melek (elcin afacan) and manages to keep her whole life. Eda wishes to enter a university exam around the country and wishes to research at a university publicly so that she does not have to handle any bursary issue. She cannot, though, ignore the inequality of her life and she can't forget the guy responsible for removing bursaries. 

A young and wealthy businessman, Serkan bolat (kerem bursin) is responsible for scholarships offered at the university where he studied eda. When Serkan bolat directs to reduce needless business costs, his financial officer himself removes the student bursaries. This condition may not be that important for the business, but it might change the life of a young individual drastically. Out of sheer coincidence, Eda and serkan bolat's lives cross. As Serkan Bolat is asked to speak at a graduation event, eda encounters him and protests that her world has turned upside down only because her business hasn't fulfilled its student bursary commitments. Serkan bolat cannot imagine that he is liable for making such a call, who hates making any error. 

As he asks about this case, he knows that his financial officer takes his own judgement. They don't like Eda and Serkan Bolat and expect they won't meet. However, at various times, they see each other repeatedly. Serkan Bolat goes to Gokceada for the private aircraft ceremony of his ex-boyfriend. He hit eda on the aircraft, who serves on behalf of her housewife Melek as a part-time hostess. These two young people have little to do but travelling together. When they get to the ceremony, Serkan is in a tough role. He thinks his former friend and his company wife himself (bige onal) are just engaged because she's tired of waiting for Serkan's marriage plan. 

Serkan realises that selin is really in love with him and he thus wishes her decision to be reversed. The case sequence leads Serkan and Eda to enter into an agreement to behave as though they were dating. Serkan wants to cancel her commitment with selin while eda wants to jealous her. You tap at my gate (sen cal kapimi) The plot of the tv series is about twice young people, serkan and eda, who contract to behave as though they're dating. Can the press trust in Serkan/unexpected Eda's love? Is Eda going to get together with Serkan? Is it possible for Serkan to sever the commitment of his ex-friend? Can eda pursue her training and finally graduate?

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