Last summer son yaz New episode 1 trailer on air last summer 15th! Description of last summer episode 15, what happens in the series? Son yaz (the last summer) has published the latest 15th episode teaser! Yagmur was stunned at the marital departure of akgün in its last episode. What is going on in the april 9th episode?

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Last summer 15th episode son yaz trailer and details promises selim and selçuk taşkın.

It will proceed with its latest episodes the last summer season. The famous fox series of trailers for son yaz's 15th episode has been posted, directed by burak arlıer and starring alperen duymaz, ali atay, funda eryiğit, hafsanur sancaktutan. Our news includes the famous series of screens with its good case and history, last summer's 15th episode trailer and info.

In the latest trailer, akgun said, "it's the first time that you've ever felt as a kid through what you were, however i figured people were exaggerating, but it was not." yagmur admitted their affection. Suddenly the windows explode as selçuk attempts to warn selim about akgün, who came for a successful act. Yet akgün would not avoid questioning his daughter for the prosecution, particularly after the incidents become entangled. Here is the latest trailer for episode 14 of son yaz (the last summer) and the review for this episode. There was a mistake.

The latest 1 teaser hit the crowd last summer 15th. Last summer, with its stunning sequences, selim and selçuk taşkın promised not to participate in dirty work this week and decided to restore the location where soner and eray are partners. The show will take place in a new chapter. Here are the 15th last summer of the latest episode 1.

The departure of akgün's marriage surprises yağmur greatly. Akgün lightens yağmur. He does not speak about marrying at once but wants to justify his partnership by telling yağmur's family that this is their goal. Yağmur's fears about her parents' reactions are, but she doesn't want to deter akgün.

Akgun was exclaimed. And for him, a fresh life starts now. He promises selim and selçuk taskin that he won't be interested in dirty work and that he and soner and eray will relive their spot. He contacts and persuades a surprise artist he recognises from istanbul to play at his venues. Yagmur is delighted that akgün has been out of trouble. She is unable to take her father's warnings to keep away from akgün seriously. Akgün, on the other side, realises he doesn't approach yagmur, but he does find it tough to contain himself while he stays under the same roof as selim.

He agree with akgün's enthusiasm despite the question marks on his mind, asking him to tell him before he explains his father the scenario. Akgün is troubled by the feeling that every single minute he's operating with selim, he needs to marry yağmur, where it won't happen. He feels disturbed.

Because of the images submitted by halil sadi, canan is in a tough condition. Their image would suffer if the pictures are leaked. To keep selim from squeezing cemal, halil sadi will do all he can to obtain the proof it has. Selim does not want to put canan at risk and agrees to release a work for the first time. But canan's really mad that he is playing himself and begs selim not to interrupt himself. In the meantime, the selim assignment certainly arrives. Certainly, who is sharply harmed by selim, believes that canan even had a hand in the event.

Though selim and canan attempt to fight their difficulties, they face akgün and yağmur's marriage leave.

Akgun would have to take a drastic decision as he learns that he cannot deny his passion. Selim covers with akgün the specifics of his action and seizes the alleged gunman, cemal. Selim's shortcomings in history challenge his integrity and a judge is appointed to prosecute this matter as part of his continuing inquiry. Kenan is certain that this time selim is in real trouble to save it. Here is son yaz (the last summer) 15th episode trailer and episode review....

The marital outing of akgün shocked yagmur. Akgün's restful yagmur. He didn't discuss getting married at once, but he wants to justify their relationship by telling the family of yagmur that this is their plan. Although yagmur fears her parents' reactions, she doesn't want to deter akgün. She joins akgün's enthusiasm and requests him to let her know before she tells her dad about the case. Akgun is concerned that any minute selim is there and that he wants to marry yagmur in a position that would never happen to him, he feels like he is moving behind his back.

The photographs submitted by halil sadi are difficult for canan. His image would be seriously hurt if the images are leaked. Halil sadi would do whatever he can to make sure selim does not corner and take proof from cemal. Selim doesn't want to jeopardise canan, he agrees to let go of everything for the first time. But canan is really upset about himself playing and begs selim not to stop. In the meantime, selim's decision is assigned. Muhakkik thinks that canan is interested in the situation, who has sharp biases toward selim.

Akgün and yagmur attempt, after the divorce, to get themselves accustomed to the new situation. Akgün follows the photograph behind him and convinces selim to visit his dad. But the reaction of selçuk taskin to the picture is rather tough. In akgün, scepticism is growing. Kaan may not waste the chance and wants to move closer to yagmur as he learn that yagmur and akgün have quit.

Since he learns about kaan, akgün finally asks for his account with kaan. Fatih is a court dispute involving serap, kenan and selim. The fight between kaan and akgün. Fatih sues akgün when the fight turns into a chance. Selim and kenan are working closely to prevent akgün from being arrested. Akgün's counsel is kenan. Kenan. In the meantime selim will find a surprising reality as he goes to selçuk to inquire for responsibilities.

Last summer, with its latest episode, is on fox friday at 20:00!