Hazal kaya has various features, and people can't recognize herthe young turkish actress, hazal kaya, surprised the audience in her latest appearance and a lot of fans commented on it, that at first sight they didn't know that they were the turkish star if they didn't read it for their comments.

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Hazal kaya surprised the audience with a very different look.

Kaya appeared with a look of various facial features known, particularly after she relied on cotton hair, and seemed more slimming. Turkish beauty plays the leading part in the netflix pera palaces, which are next to the jordan j gallagher and the selahatin pasali (midnight at pera palace).

As hazal kaya quarantine at home, the positive outcome of the pcr test would be a 5-day suspension of perapalas. The turkish actress has discovered that her symptoms are mild. "i saw her for the first time i saw her, but when she read that she was hazel," "this was what happened to her when she became sweeter." i was stunned, i never realised it. I knew it, and that was not the first time i saw her, but when she read it, "i saw her as a hazel." hazal kaya (born 1 october 1990) studied primary in gaziosmanpaşa, italian high school in istanbul. 

She has a bsc and creative arts management degree from the school of excellence, university of istanbul bilgi. In istanbul basat, hazal kaya, a lawyer with his mother and aunt, grew up. The hazal kaya is known to be 1.6 m in length. Hazal kaya posted the photo on her instagram account and commented: "i'm going to play with my hair. It is a dramatic change that i want to make that fits in the minds of the esram." it's worth noting that the young turkish actress, a few months ago, appeared in red hair while celebrating the birthdays of her son. Since the separation of her parents, she began staying with her mother in 1997. 

At an early age hazal was involved in many fields of art and began violin lessons when he was 4.5 years old and ballet at the age of 7 years. Hazal kaya was a member of the theatre and chorus of the academy. At high school, she contributed to shooting magazines for various departments. In the 46th episode of the inexperienced witch season, she debuted in 2006 to act as a guest actor and portrayed the absinth role. In 2007, she performed for the first time in her second high school year in a tv series named genco. As for acting, after an extended pause in which she has been engaged in childcare and marriage she said that she is ready to come back for this time, but that in collaboration with the foreign netflix corporation it will go back to a more science fictional job which is "pera palace," and it will be seen within just 8 shows.

In the tv series of aşk-ı memnu, kaya played nihal ziyagil, which has been broadcast on channel d and adapted to the same name novel by halit ziya uşaklıgil. Her first film, selçuk aydemir, was çalgı çengi, published in 2011. Along with turkish, hazal talks english, italian and german. 

Hazal kaya was married in 2019 with turkish star, screenwriter and producer ali atay. They had a son who was known as "fikret ali." the storey is about a famous turkey hotel in the ancient times, where a young journalist named sarah plays the role of hazal-kaya is given the task to visit the hotel for some time, and accommodation there to monitor political events; but she finds out about the series "pero's palace" adapted from a novel called "mid night at pera palace." she has to secure the trajectory of turkey's past and its potential with the quirky hotel boss, ahmed. But turkey is a risky location at this moment, so it must learn to live and step into its realities. 

After their latest declarations supporting gay rights and responding to the assault that she has lately been subjected to, turkish lawyer ugant mehmet agreed to prosecute turkish actress hazal kaya because of her first observations on gay people. Kaya said monday: "they attacked me as if they were criminals because of my support of homosexuals, but i would never come back on my position." she added: "everybody has the freedom to live his life. I got several angry letters, but more love from the public." kaya said: 'why does any mother hate her own child if he is gay? What did i mean? What would a true mother think, but a false mother doesn't.' kaya said. "i don't regret my comments and i can honestly echo it now. I won't stand in the path that my son would become homosexual." hazal kaya concludes her letter.

Nevertheless, the artist was not impaired by its assault and critique and turkish lawyer ugant mehmet called on her to be held liable as he defined it. Ugant added that soon he will seek the support of his colleagues in turning the case into public opinion. The lawyer said everyone should have responsibility if they attempt to destroy turkish society's beliefs, rituals and practises. He explained: "hazal has done the wrong thing and has not retired. Rather, she has brazenly called us into question.