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Aras aydin and leyla feray new series evlilik sözleşmesi marriage contract.

Evlilik sözleşmesi marriage contract. Synopsis and cast: turkish drama. Evlik sözleşmesi (marriage contract).

In september 2021, evlik sözleşmesi (marriage contract) will appear on atv. A cast will be attended by aras aydın, leyla feray, dolunay soysert, engin alkan, tülay günal and deniz hamzaoglu.

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Aras aydin and leyla feray new series evlilik sözleşmesi marriage contract.

The surprising encounter of aras aydın and leyla feray

After a thorough examination, the principal actors for the tv series "marriage contract" were chosen by üs yapım.

The 'marriage contract' is modified by evlik sözleşmesi from korean deries. The 2016 korean drama is the marriage contract. Between 5 march and 24 april 2016 the series was aired as 16 episodes, breaking the records around the globe. A poor lonely mother with a lovely daughter of 7; she will tell you about her marriage with a rich businessman, the mother of whom is sick.

The highly awaited tv100 series will be shown on atv in the second week of july, according to birsen altuntaş. On 12 june 2014, the successful writer özen yula writes the series, and cem akyoldaş will be in the chair of the director.

The korean adaption of the series concerns the planned marriage between a widower, a poor lady whose mother is ill, and a rich business man, with trouble caring for her 7-year-old daughter. The drama is based on the marriage contract with the korean drama. The incidents before and after marriage, as the name of the series that will soon be shown on trt 1 or a private channel. However, the information is not yet clear.

Finally, a narrative of a lady who had lost her husband on a road accident and fought to live with her kid was announced by the principal players of the series.

One by one, new series is still revealed. The canals roll their slippers in the warm season are feverishly worked. In a summer series, the tv business, which has had difficulty with the aftermath of the epidemic, tries to stand up. I wish the globe will get away with this epidemic disease.

Aras aydın and leyla feray share the project's leading roles, which have yet to be specified.

The film is chaired by cem akyoldaş, whose script has been created by turkish internationally known dramatist özen jula. Cem akyoldaş, who made a tremendous effect on the screens in 2007, is also the director of kara yılan (the black snake). Although evlik sözleşmesi (marriage contract) is the name of the series, it may change.

The cast of this series, with their further cast this week, has also been added by ceyhun mengiroğlu and irmak örnek.

Born in eskişehir, aras aydın on 2 july 1989. Aras aydin, 32, has a degree from the national conservatory of istanbul university. Aras aydın, who is also prominent as a singer, became famous for his śefkat tepe and teacher kemal series, at the same time. Aras aydın, who recently starred in kiraz season television, also participated in the canevim series with the ömer character, ̄tınnadına aşk, altınsoylar, innocent, but the series was not. Aras aydın weighs 1,85 kg and is 1.85 tall.

Melis birkan to her young lover romantic celebration

The birthday of the beautiful fan of aras aydın was honoured, 9 years younger than her, by melis birkan, the outstanding actress of the film "issız adam."

Born in istanbul on may 8, 1993, leyla feray is 28. Leyla feray is a graduate in the media department of koç university, and is known as the ayşe sultan of the serial "magnificent century kösem." in 2 projects ben onu çok sevdim and kardeşim benim, leyla feray, who also is on the agenda as the lover of actress serhat teoman, has also taken part. The weight of leyle feray is 1.73 kg.

Melis birkan, 39 years of age, initially shared her pictures on her social media account with her youthful boyfriend aras aydın.

Born 1973 in adana, dolunay sosysert. Dolunay soysert has a degree in art history and archeology from istanbul university. Dolunay soysert has been a television director for the last years, but also studied theater at the müjdat gezen art center, and lately she has starred in tv series urfalıyama ezelden, kayitdisi (unregistered), and elimi birakma. The tern of elimi bırakma's tern debut was dolunay soysert who married sinan tuzcu and who was an actrice like herself for a while.

The seasoned actress, who is joyful, pointed out in her sharing that her partner, who is 9 years younger than her, honoured her birthday:

Engin alkan was born in istanbul on 27 july 1965 and is 56 years old. In the latest kardeş çocukları serial engin alkan, an actor of —a bb city theatres. Engin alkan is a graduate of istanbul university state conservatory who also directs theatrical productions.

"be my lover, with my hair intertwined with his hands, eye and hair... All that was hard with you was easy. Everything i said wouldn't happen, all that i believed wouldn't happen was with you. Last year, it's always been a challenging year for me since it's been spent with you. Wonders. A year and age, my sweetheart, happy aras's birthday..."

Born on 9 september 1970, tülay günal is 51 years old in kastamonu. Recent appearance in the servet television series tülay günal, who is recognised for his role, neşe, in the kuzgun series.

Deniz hamzaoglu was born in istanbul on 24 november 1979. His study at antalya state theater got deniz hamzaoglu from the university of selcuk. The enormous success of television series fatma, kirmizi oda & halka, deniz hamzaoglu transitioned from theatre to television series with kaya, whom he brought life to in hayat sarkisi, television serial series. The weight of deniz hamzaoglu is 90 kg and 1,75 kg.

No one except leyla sees serhat teoman's gaze

The 28th birthday of its lover leyla feray, who is also an actress, was honoured by the beautiful actor serhat teoman.

Serhat teoman, who made a snapshot on his social media account with leyla feray, stated, "six years when i was searching... Good morning."

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