Know the sexy model ayu aulia, who takes close pictures from vicky prasetyo. After spreading intimate pictures with vicky prasetyo, ayu aulia has recently come into focus. The attractive model refuses to be particularly close to the singergladiator love, but it does not deny being near.

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Ayu aulia after circulating intimate photos with vicky prasetyo.

Close to vicky prasetyo ayu aulia umbar, this is the response of kalina ocktaranni so who is ayu aulia's true figure? She was born on 5 february 1993 in bogor. On her own instagram, she regularly publishes her provocative photographs. The 28-year-old lady is not only now actively active on her youtube account as a producer of material. Often he answers the inquiries of nonsense on this channel.

He also worked with vicky, and not only that. Kalina ocktaranny replied wisely to her husband vicky parsetyo's proximity to ayu aulia with a sexy model. He answered by posting @kalinaocktranny on his social media account. Ayu is also known to be politically active around march. He joined the youth organisation berkarya party (ampb). She even was designated head of the organization's social service.

 After joining politics, ayu wants to assist other young people update themselves. Various programmes, one of which is to address anti-bullying, have been conducted by ayu and others. The post has a smiling photo and writes a smart remark for the news of his husband's proximity and his lovely model. Ayu also seems to travel, finally. His vacation photographs are regularly shared at home and abroad. "while you have boundaries and honesty is not if you still experience pain, this is not patience.

"#nitekamuyangdisana," wrote thursday (3/6/2021), kalina ocktaranny. Suddenly, networkers observed that vicky prasetyothis' wife's sorrow. Because vicky and ayu aulia are closer to one another and may ruin houses of others, where networkers oppose them very much. Nets then ran to offer kalina encouragement and prayers to address the problem. No husband and wife are 100% matched. Cocok2an is available. 

All married people hopefully have patience and honesty in marriage, live in the heavens and feel on earth paradise and a heart-friendly wedding. Amen," @mommysn *** wrote. "gorgeous patience.. Vicky's going to get karma shortly thereafter. He's going to reap any vicky sows. I don't like vicky... Since i love to imagine that games are regarded ladies or marriage. Hold the spirit from god again," @schel wrote **. "i love those phrases, really beautiful mashaallah. Simple to say, yet hard to run. #patience and honesty may always be offered to you," tweeted @rusmiyati rumiyati.5209**8.

Ayu aulia released a video call photograph with vicky prasetyo after the intimate shot. Lovely pattern. The publication of personal photographs with vicky prasetyo turned ayu aulia into a public debate. Interestingly, it is not denied to this 28-year-old lady. The news of vicky prasetyo's house kalina ocktaranny clarifies in the midst of a video conference with vicky prasetyo ayu aulia increasingly wanted to heat the public up. Both of them grinned as if they had an engaging talk. 

Not only that, he made networkers even more warm by writing in the photography title. Kalina ocktaranny is alleged to have fled the home due to her husband vicky prasetyowith ayu aulia's vicinity. Kalina explained the matter promptly. Kalina ocktaranny's clarification was given through a video. Where was the video then placed on his account on the social media? "i would want to explain the news about myself and my spouse vicky prasetyo, on behalf of kalina ocktaranny. 

I've been called running away or leaving the home, where. The news doesn't happen, "said friday (saturday, 4/6/2021), kalina ocktaranny. "is that what's happening again? Do more exciting, ah, ah., "thursday (3/6/2021), ayu aulia posted in its social media. He never stopped his acts. In his post he marked kalina oktaranny's spouse courageously. He wrote, "@vickyprasetyo777." if he had left the home just not to run away, kalina ocktarannysaid. With the approval of her husband vicky prasetyo, kalina's departing from home was. 

Seeing this, networkers are growing more and more angry about making numerous remarks about the use of vicky prasetyo to boost popularity by this 28-year-old gorgeous model. "i'm not at home at this time because i'm looking after my ailing mother, and i also have a leave from my spouse to take care of my mother with the approval of my spouse vicky prasetyo," he stated again. "government security," @widyani.Er** wrote. "continue ascending but don't go up," @miracle happe wrote ***. "why would you want to exist employing the approach of settings," @ditedi wrote ***.