Chungha's '50 best 2021 so far albums' to billboard their 50 best albums from 2021 so far were revealed on monday, june 7. Chungha was the lone act of k-pop on the list of outstanding musicians who reached the ranks.

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Chungha listed on billboard's 50 best albums of 2021 so far.

Chungha's agency will host their first boy group debut project online audition

On june 7th, thus far, billboard released their 50 favourite 2021 albums. In contrast to the top 50 songs' sister list, this list had no numbers and was alphabetically listed.

Mnh entertainment, managing company of chungha, announces its intentions to organise an online concert at the very first of chungha's boys.

Chungha's feb. 2021 album "querencia" was one of the 50 best albums published this year and was koreans' lone record on the list.

Lee ju seop, former manager of jyp entertainment, created mnh entertainment in 2014 as a private transnational entertainment and talent agency. It now handles two k-pop shows: kim chungha, a female solo artist, and bvndit. There is one actor in the company, yoon jae yong.

The first album of chungha is ambitious on many levels, crew member nolan feeney says.

Mnh entertainment published a picture on their official websites and social media channels for their future project on june 4. The picture shows that "2021 mnh boy group debut project" will be held, including "world guys auditions (wag)."

The album of chungha has 21 songs in four segments. It covers several genres, such as 'stay the night' edm, 'x' rock-inspired ballads or latin pieces such as guaynaa, 'dementee,' a collaboration that can be performed in korean, english and spanish."wag" is an all-round audition in which the agency of chungha will pick male trainees to take part. The hearing will be place online due to the current epidemic.

"querencia" has a sophistication that combines all the sounds of chungha and noland feeney comments with chungha's (always unmistakable) chamelonic vocals that the album surely merits a position on the list. After all, her album's interludes are even bangers!

From 11 june to 11 may, the online audience will take conducted for new male trainees from mnh entertainment. Whatever their country, aspiring male idols may join. The audition will be provided with more details at a later date.

Nolan feeney doesn't complement chungha's albs for the first time. Nolan feeney commended the album for "a sample of worldwide sounds" when the album was initially published in february 2021.

This will be the first time that mnh debutes a boy's group and their second time after bvndit, to start an idol group. The company released its first female group more than two years ago.

He also pointed out that this album might be a worldwide turning point of k-pop since chungha is able to work and work in a variety of genres.

Because both chungha and bvndit have shown great capabilities and variety, many people are anticipated to pay attention to the first ever male group of mnh entertainment.

"querencia" made its debut and peaked at the 10th point of the list on the billboard world albums chart. She was rated number 5 on the billboard heatseekers albums graph, making it her second entrance on the graph.

Many billboard charts tracks from "querencia." the first release of the billboard world digital song chart on april 27, 2020, is at number four.

Kim chungha will join colde in releasing a rendition of the popular song "my lips... Warm like coffee" in the other news.

The album's title single, "bicycle," was launched on the world digital song sales charter number 11. "bicycle"

The k-pop group sharp sang 'my lips...Warm like coffee,' released in 2001. The song was an immediate smash at that time. The track is remade in 20 years with chungha and colde's fresh and distinct voices. The music is meant to be a duet in the shape of a lady and a guy who exchanges sentiments.

On february 15, 2021, chungha published "querencia." although it was originally planned on 4 january, once the idol had been positive for covid-19 it was postponed. After chungha healed completely, the album was published.

After the announcement of the youtube channel "corner casting," the partnership got greater notice. On 22 may this channel worked on the remake of "if you love me," a channel made possible by monsta x's jooheon and ns yoon-g.

The four themes of querencia are: noble, wild, unknown, and pleasures. The primary genre of the album is pop, however it has elements from edm, r&b, afrobeat, house and latin pop.

Kim chungha won the title of "solo queen" by constantly delivering high quality songs that reflect her excellent talent to sing and perform. In the meanwhile, colde is known for his distinctive voice tones and outstanding music production capabilities. He gets love calls often from many artists that want to cooperate with him.

Talented musicians such as guaynaa the rapper and songwriter baek yerin from puerto rica have collaborated on this album.

On june 8 at 6 p.M. Kst, chungha and colde will release 'my lips...Warm like coffee' at several websites.

"querencia," with all the album tracks ranking inside the top 100 of the bugs list, made its debut at the top of the gaon retail album chart.