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Ivan gunawan admitted that he had kissed ayu ting ting.

Ivan gunawan admitted that he had kissed ayu ting ting boy ayu ting ting, igun, william clarifies: i never kissed her lips who said i kissed her. Kabar the swordman kissed ayu ting ting with ivan gunawan. Of course, ivan gunawan offered another answer. He said ayu ting ting was kissed. It was like admitting that he kissed the lips of ayu ting ting.

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Ivan gunawan admitted that he had kissed ayu ting ting.

Igun suggests someone won't confess his misdeeds readily. The song "search for an address" is designed for singing the tune. Ruben onsu's buddy revealed his connection to ayu. "my relationship is on-off with ayu ting ting. He invited meditation once but i was still in love with my girlfriend and i still had a boyfriend "ivan remarked. One of the rising star specialists, ayu ting ting, will birthday on 20th june 2021 in indonesia dangdut (rsid). Later, monday (21/6/2021), the staff of rsid will create a unique surprise for the birth of the expert.

This depok-born singer will be 29 years old on his birthday. Two groups will meet on monday and just two individuals will be on the super stage. Here are the actors that are going to fight: wike, irna, yoshi, ardi, and pauzal tomy. Even if ivan is not yet in relationship, he is not hesitant that he had kissed ayu. He also said that a child's mother may be his eventual life aim. "if nothing else i have to accomplish, maybe my ultimate aim is ayu, i suppose, huh," he added. He said. Specialists in their areas are constantly on show from rsid: ivan gunawan, ayu ting ting, pasha, nella kharisma, and judika. Indra herlambang and astrid tiar are also guided by fascinating hosts. "i'm just as pleased as you are," he said," ivan gunawan. "because he said that, too. He replied, "the thief who pretends to be the kid. Youtube boy william stated that. 

This time the guest stars were ivan gunawan and maharani kemala. Boy william referred to the rejection of his mother, bilqis khumairah, who never kissed the lips of ivan gunawan. Interestingly, igun seems to comprehend ayu ting ting towards the end. He said that it would be hard for the public to disclose such privacy issues. Be a witness to the creation of the rising star indonesia dangdut, a star which is guaranteed to be shown every monday, 19.15 wib, in numerous surprises and outstanding cooperations. Too bad duet the stage of the rising star indonesia dangdut was ultimately made by ayu ting and ivan gunawan or by master igun.

The two sat down in the centre of the stage after singing a marriage simulation. The song 'jodo," which was popularised by the artist nella kharisma, was sung by ayu ting ting and master igun to a dome. Dangdut may be seen on the rcti app+ or on www.Rctiplus.Com. #ayutingtings #pasha #ivanguawan #nellakharisma #mnctv ###risingstarindonesiadangdut #judika #doryayutingting #happyasmara "you're kissing me now, and then you're telling others when you know me," ivan gunawan remarked. 

Ivan gunawan asked other specialists to broadcast his rsid live duel 3 marriage simulation live, as he couldn't wait to marry ayu ting ting. "wr. Wb. Assalamualaikum. I express extremely thank you, as mr. Gunawan said, for all the visitors welcomed. We are sorry our event was only basic. We are sorry. Thanks to the depok family, please. Sadly, the depok family was not taken because the bus couldn't go into the alley was somewhat troubled "ivan gunawan stated monday (june 24, 2021) in the mnctv studio. Suddenly the well-known designer chuckled and asked boy william the question. Ivan gunawan's or known sentences igunthis sounds unclear.

Sounds ambiguous. As though he were about to tell her he kissed the lips of ayu. Ivan gunawan stated sunday (20/6/2021) "who claimed i never kissed her lips?" in the ayu ting ting, ivan gunawan spoke up. He acknowledged that the sambalado vocalist was still crushed. The humour of this renowned designer encourages ayu ting ting to chuckle suddenly. While they are frequently referred to be gimmicks, pasha ungu acknowledges that he is glad to see them. Ayu and igun's aura instantly came out as lovers, according to this band's leader. "i like this, the aura comes out instantly, the unity is apparent even if others say all kind of gimmicks, but i like them.

I did a song for them that's why. That's a song, "pasha ungu stated that. Ivan disclosed it on march 20, 2020 when he was a guest on boy william, a youtube channel. Boy questioned ivan's perfect kind of lady on that occasion. As i had told boy william channel on monday (22/3/2021), "i prefer young girls." "i enjoy females." boy then said in the conversation the name of ayu ting ting. Ivan stated without further ado that thedancer was the one lady in his heart who had not changed. "i adore her, maybe ayu ting ting is the one lady in my heart who has never changed," he added. At first boy was not convinced of it and questioned whether it was just an environment what ivan stated. Ivan gunawan quickly rejected his notion that the former indonesian idol host.

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