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Ivana jirešová a special technique that cleanses her mind every day.

Ivana jirešová Thanks to internet quarantines, ivana jirešová (44) has found her favourite bikram yoga, and the most relaxing is a unique method which cleanses her mind every day. The actress said she is looking forward to the series surgery in the rose garden where, ever since her birth, she has been playing one of her major parts.

Ivana jirešová appears soon as bartender of lucie's in the surgery in the rose garden for the final time before the camera. "i'm going to miss you," the actress who has been playing in the show for 15 years, adds. "i feel i have left my nest at home."

Jirešová, who casts away ideas, thanks for the return to the surgery.

Yes, naturally! That's a lot, fifteen years of existence... I feel like i'm abandoning my nest at home, and it aches every time. But it's time, on the other hand, to move back.

This is a compelling tale of a chinese girl, who was born among the mountain tribe of akha and who survive by gathering tea and start living in 'regular' metropolitan settings owing to extremely tough circumstances. Kid and the need for adoption by youngsters.

She is behind her weight even if she is criticised for gaining a certain weight with obvious consciousness. Jirešová, the nova ordinace actress in the rose garden series, says "i have a perfect normal weight in an interview with idnes.Cz who disclosed also the creative tattoo on the back.

This job offers me plenty of work, i have to confess. I have to be cautious to shoot and read the text constantly in order to avoid delaying the sound engineer and director, and the book is written in a more demanding language. It doesn't just mean reading, i have at least a little to play the literary characters, and i can't even avoid emotional experience.

I don't really feel skinny and i'd drop another two pounds easily. This isn't how i feel good, i'm training and i'm trying to get excellent food. That's everything. If i want to concentrate on other things, i don't want my body to slow and painfully annoy me. I am persuaded that my body and heart and soul need to be taken care of.

The new robinson crusoe musical is just beginning, which represents a tremendous challenge in the part of robinson's love mary. The melodies are extremely hard to sing, and also elis ochmanová, the biggest find i detect on current music scene.

Yes, since it's a lotus, a sign of pureness, and the spirit triumph over matter. For half a year, i've had him. And in short: i'm so glad to have him, i'm just a little upset about not seeing much of him.

In addition to robinson, we also ride under the broadway theatre's flag with time of roses, but also with kate the soap maker, soap prince and mandrake, so i'm going back on my old track slowly.

To me these are times of quiet in the home, i love to lie in a hammock and to listen to the birds singing in our pines. I found a wonderful method some time ago that enables me to clean out my mind of unwanted ideas. It helps me a great deal and especially i usually sense an enormous energy stream. So it is, our physical condition actually begins in your mind.

It's all about it. I want to be my master, which in my job is really tough. It is up to the actors whether or not someone casts them. So i don't know if anything i'm going to come up with. I don't know if i can influence my own life completely, either, that i'm not a great hit or a pragmatist. I don't think you've got what you do, whatever you do. Naturally, you have to oppose your dreams, but when we are born there are things that are provided. So i don't want anything, i mention my desires, but i accept it as a reality if it isn't true for me. I'm trying to live my life, and i'm going to breathe someplace if i suffocate.

In fact, i'll spend half a day like that, return home in the afternoon, eat, and give this cleaning twenty minutes, so i'm still energised in the following portion. Thanks to the book how the brain works, which has many excellent ideas on how to organise your day optimally, i learnt this method.

I picture this virtual stage in my mind, where different thoughts and ideas flow into me, and i will progressively dissolve the stage until it's clear... And then i will concentrate on it the most essential.

It's wonderful and during a quarantine i really found out that my life altered a great deal. I took a vacation from that constant charge, and i have to confess i fit quite well for these lengthy vacations.

I found the excellent zoom application to continue the 90-minute bikramyoga training group with the trainer who supervised us on the screen. I also found the zoom application to the conference. My cat, who was constantly in front of the camera and was a hilarious diversion for everyone else, was the highlight of our shows.

I am not a full vegetarian, occasionally i eat meat, unlike my daughter sofia. But i know i no longer need it at my age, and it simply isn't very healthy for my health.

Comprehensively perfect. (laughter) he studies music and theatre at the state conservatory, which is precisely what i did there. And even the professors like mr ivan krob or katka vlková, for instance, are the same, since they bang at me! They're even the very least. Sometimes, even if sofia is hoppner, people name it ivanko or jirešová erroneously.

And i have to highlight the charity initiative star for children, which enables young people in children's homes to enjoy their leisure activities. We recently shot a stunning semi-animated calendar for next year, which we are going to sell in fall, together with photographer monika navrátilová and my colleagues.

We just had a break off from the surgery, in july we started shooting and in the fall we went back to the paid voyo channel. It was a shock when we lost all our performance every day and the filming was also declared to stop.

I can't live simply, and i've always been able to adjust my life to my means.

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