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Rocío marengo spoke about her bad experience at masterchef celebrity.

Rocío marengo told masterchef celebrity about her negative experience: "i was extremely badly handled" the model had been invited under the direction of juana viale to "lunch with mirtha legrand" and was quite critical of their involvement in the culinary reality programme.

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Rocío marengo spoke about her bad experience at masterchef celebrity.

The fury of rocío marengo to the second masterchef celebrity elimination: "it's extremely unjust" the model could not pass an arduous post-test two weeks after winning the repechage and had to quit the event.

The first masterchef celebrity season of rocío marengo was not the happiest. She could not only achieve the final phases, but also because she did not feel she was able to reveal her essence as a person via the reality edition. He chose to address the topic again at the luncheon table with mirtha legrand, under the direction of juana viale few months after his involvement.

It was not long before rocío marengo had the second shot at masterchef celebrity, santiago del moro's popular programme on telefe. The model had been one of the winners of the challenge, but she was failing again two weeks later and had to quit the event. Marengo created a strong and belligerent profile in this mini-lap, which won him many meetings with the jury and with his coaches, which he relaxed only once he was on his side.

"i was in the similar format in chile, but i experienced it in a different manner. It's because i want to work on reality because i can show myself how i am, since i'm not shamed, i have my good and bad things and everything that i display. If you love me, you love me. If you do not love me, it is. He started by declaring, "i don't construct a character." and he said, "i thought i couldn't develop or progress here. 

The new elimination gala took place with leticia siciliani, claudia villafañe, vicky xipolitakis and el mono de kapanga, which took place in another format than the previous one. Each participant started preparing and twice had to move the station to continue their partner's preparation. Marengo took the worst, holding the role of the kapanga monkey, in this castling game.

They gave me that personality already, and it didn't matter what i did, since it had an end. I like to design programmes. I feel i've been working on a book here that hit me a lot since i didn't see myself mirrored in what reached others. It pained me a great deal, it hurt me a great deal."

During the whole gala, the model emphasised the unfairness of the scenario even if the rules were same to everyone and none were more than fortune and suddenness given. What offended marengo is that he discovered in the mono's kitchen a little number of items that stopped marengo from having more resources. "they have an entire market, and they take three garbage pieces. It's a simple basket, bad guy, to me. It feels unjust. I exited a grocery and saw a shopping bag. "the model has frequently protested, without being able to cope.

Through this, she also discovered that once the telefe show ended, she endured the repercussions, comparing it to her present status at the university, which she felt comfortable with. "i completed master chef argentina and i was a sad lady through all my interviews to tell she felt elderly and had already retired from the environment. I felt like i've finished a poisonous relationship, that you feel ugly, awful, and gloomy. And now i'm beginning with marcelo (tinelli) and i believe it's a production which inspires you. I feel today i've done the rocío, i've been again."

He managed to produce crepes that mono began with this dreadful view and the outcome wasn't what he anticipated. The jury germán martitegui characterised the participant's mistake: "you did without knowing it the cannelloni of the monkey's mother. Nothing has been added" another juror, damián betular, interjected and added: "i never felt rocío put any other item at all," "it needs cookery." broken by the circumstances, marengo re-examined a justification: "with my components, i'll give it all a punch. It's quite unjust i believe, "the participant answered, emphasising her position: "the dilemma of the partner is that if the colleague delivers two things because he does not care whether to be there or not. He often points attention to the tiny thing that the singer kapanga has left him, reviving one of the competition's rivalries. I must not care about it."

"it stung because i believe i have not deserved this edition, i feel extremely misrepresented. And it closed: " it never happened to me, i worked like in 10 reality programmes. You demonstrated that it wasn't a rocío. I thought what i was watching occurred to me, and it wasn't that way. I am still the same. I am still the same. "roc, why are you crying?" said my nephews to me. I sobbed because they told me terrible things which did not go on the television later on, not because they informed me there was no salt or sugar in the meals. There was a lot of pressure since i've gotten to chile's final."

Rocío was coupled with vicky when the sentences were handed down, as the two weakest preparations, and greek's finest savour was balanced. "thank you, i had to go, i came back, i left it all, a sorrow not enough," rocío started to say farewell without great tragedy. "thank you! The judges set aside the nonsense when the returns were due and complimented the participants' competitive spirit, frequently to the edge of regulation and tension with their colleagues.

It is worth noting that marengo was one of the winners of the first season repechage, but two weeks later she failed again and had to quit. He had a high and confronting profile in that mini-lap, which won him a repeated meeting with the jury and some of his co-workers, which he only loosened after his departure.

Each participant started their preparation on that occasion and had to change stations twice in order to continue preparing their partner. Rocío chose the worst part in this castling game and took the role of kapanga monkey. During the whole gala, the model emphasised the unfairness of the scenario even if the rules were same to everyone and none were more than fortune and suddenness given. 

"nobody can say you didn't fight, you fought back, you came back. You didn't fight. I hope that when the battle is finished, you would maintain something beautiful of our life," stated martitegui. Betular sums it in a few words rocío's play style: "no player like you was there. The second juror, donato de santis, expressed himself in the same sense: "you're constantly looking for excellence, thus we remember you and we're going to miss you want to play"

"well, nothing. Nothing. I played, i met my dream," said marens to the acclaim of the whole floor, demonstrating that once the burners are switched off he put away his awful costume. "we who remained must steal some things from her in order to continue moving forward in the competition," the monkey recognised its arch-enemy. With its removal, there are no contestants who are more demanding every week. Is it spice running out?

The little amount of ingredients that he finds in the kitchen of the singer stopped marengo from using more resources. What wounded marengo was. "they have an entire market, and they take three garbage pieces. It's a simple basket, bad guy, to me. It feels unjust. The model constantly protested without being able to pursue the case, "i left a grocery and noticed a bag from stores.

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