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Seçkin özdemir and i̇rem helvacıoğlu series of head trouble baş belası.

Bas belasi a head trouble series has a passing grade of helvacıoğlu and seçkin özdemir! Last night, the first episode of the atv series, baş belası, was airing. The first episode of the series, together with nieme helvacıoğlu and seçkin özdemir as the leading characters, received very favourable social media responses.

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Seçkin özdemir and i̇rem helvacıoğlu series of head trouble baş belası.

A renowned actress çok bekledim, who has been aired on star tv throughout the winter season, was partnered in özcan deniz's tv series seni çok bekledim. Though the actress performed another good job, the series was not widely viewed and because of the age difference many spectators opposed the leading pair. Irem helvacıoğlu, a psychologist who has been extremely interested in the detective tales, has been assigned this position. This is a very important figure. The admirers of the actress posted comments: "i am officially open, she is a very happy character, i adore it." this part is unbelievably suited. 

Çok bekledim's seni series cannot be digested by the followers of helvacıoğlu. The renowned player took part in the new atv series, the baş belası, which combines humour and crime together, shortly after this 13-episode production. The chief of murder bureau, šahin kaya, portrays seçkin özdemir and the actor's fans have expressed their well wishes. After the first episode broadcast yesterday, fans of trek helvacıoğlu, a partnership with seçkin özdemir, complimented on social media. 

Helvacıoğlu discovered fans who loved the series very much in the psychologist —family. Fans who gave the actress a much better production than anticipated were glad to discover. The public appreciated both the narrative and atmosphere of the series baş belası and the tale style. The audience, who enjoyed the screenplay, gave the first episode a favourable remark. Helvacıoğlu's role was also highly appreciated by the crowd, who departed commenting "functionality, you are a wonderful character." the new atv series baş belası has been produced by fatih enes ömeroglu from arc film and directed by murat onbul. 

The series is still shot at full speed. The first episode of the series will be shown on atv on sunday 20 june at 8:00 p.M. According to the announcement. Some of the viewers of the programme doubted the excellent partners of seçkin özdemir and älvacıoğlu. But after the first episode, these misgivings vanished. One audience member commented, "i did not think that sexcin can be partners before yesterday, but now i'll look at them together, it's a fantastic sensation. It may also be said that the two men who watch baş belası's series, telvem helvacıoğlu and seçkin ozdemir, desire the narrative to be kept and the series to continue a long time. Many admirers have written: towards helvacıoğlu the character of sherlock holmes as a woman was extremely lovely. 

Come to us with such indoctrinated women. Watching naïve ladies is tiresome. This is baş belası, the number 10 drama. I like it very much. Officially, seçkin özdemir found himself in this position of police." this show will include the humour of the series – the triangle of helvacıoğlu and seçkin özdemir. The series tells the tale of a policeman and a psychotherapist who, but have to deal with a completely different character. This is the narrative of the baş belası series: in a discussion he had at instagram when the pandemication first began in 2020, seçkin özdemir, who could not find what he wanted in various series of tvs for many years and was known as the unfortunate series, claimed that he was even able to make a break from tv series and had terrible luck.

The problem in the lead is the experiences of älenky gümüşçü, a wife dedicated to her family, who began working as a police psychologist as a consequence of the events which profoundly rocked her life. Ipek's investigative interest, her love for children, is frequently a source of opposition to sahin kara, the head of the murder office. Troubleshooting tells the funny history of these two individuals, who are detective experiences, and radically opposite. The series named the baş belası will speed the development of the actor's career after a successful start with kuruluş osman. The couples in this summer series are widely selected and draw attention to social media. 

There is a common view. Also delighted the public was the style of the tv series, baş belası, which combines humour and investigative events. The baş belası comedy series will undoubtedly be a great challenge for helvacıoğlu as well. The 31-year-old actress has always been a playwright. Many of the fans of series who said they loved the style, nature and behaviour of helvacıoğlu, commented a lot on social platforms to their delight. She began her acting career with behzat ç in 2010. Helvacıoğlu had her greatest debut with the 2018-2019 sen anlat karadeniz tv series, starting with a supportive figure she portrayed in the series. 

The teenage actress, sen anlat karadeniz, portrayed nefes in a home where she was shut down at the age of 16 in the black sea area for a period of 8 years. While the character of trem helvacıoğlu drew tears to the viewers in every episode, its scenic brutality towards women was severely condemned as well. The second episode of the series is also highly anticipated, which is to be aired on sunday evening, 27 june. Fans provide wonderful commentary about how they're going to wait a week and how they like to see the characters ñasku and čahin. 

Seçkin özdemir, sahin discovered what as a commissioner precisely he was searching for! On sunday evening, with the first of its episodes, the atv series named baş belası was launched, and the viewers were stunned. Everyone was delighted to see a highly popular television series, combining detective and humour with a lovely screenplay. The helvacıoğlu fresh new project is now awaiting. This time, instead of weeping, helvacıoğlu will make the public laugh. 

For the young actress, this will also be a new task. Indeed, in her interview, únez helvacoğlu stated, "i've come in as a new approach to this whole endeavour." a short while ago, she told me. The ̈free duo helvacıoğlu and seçkin özdemir ̈ were also created with very favourable remarks. The fans of the series submitted many comments saying they found production extremely successful and felt it would receive very excellent returns, adding that the characters of os aviv and shekhin were wonderful series pairs. The actors were extremely well matched by the fans who found the character of the murder office of šahin kara, supervisor of the murder office of seçkin ozdemir.

His admirers also said that they were pleased with the eventual baş belası series when they said that özdemir was searching for a part that would fit him for a long time, even those who came to this series with prejudice after seeing this first episode expressed admiration and acknowledged that the viewer was drawn into a very high quality production.

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