Is the final of the last summer series? It was said that the fox last series of the past summer that met the public on friday nights was coming to an end. During the penultimate episode of the show, filming alperen duymaz's akgün character on fridays, reinforced the concluding allegations.

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The last summer series son yaz making its finale.

So is the final of the final summer series? O3 medya is produced by alperen duymaz, ali atay, fonda eriiğit and hafsanur sancaktuthan. He is directed by burak arlıer. Final summer, on friday 26 february, the last session met with the public. In the previous episode's last scene, alperen duymaz reinforced the shooting of the akgün character. However, the destiny of the last summer series has been newly developed. With its second season, son yaz will be on the tv. If the popular son yaz tv show doesn't drop, the 22nd episode will conclude the season. Why is it not going to be released on the last summer stream? This is the updated description of the final summer episode curiosity was about the new episode of the last summer series. 

It was difficult for the series of the last summer, shown on fridays, to be included in the broadcast stream. Well, why doesn't it be released in the last summer stream? This is the updated description of the final summer episode questions were generated by the fact that fox tv did not include the last summer series on the screen adventure. As for the series from the broadcast stream of last summer, doubts emerged, "is the last summer series done, why not?." the latest son yaz episode received a reaction from the social media. On friday, may7, fox tv was scheduled to be shown as son yaz's 19th new episode with ali atay, alperen duymaz, funda eryiğit and hafsanur sancaktutan. 

This week will not show the 19th new episode of son yaz, carried on fox tv. A turkish film named heads mixed, rather than son yaz, will be shown on the transmission of fox tv. Son yaz's social media accounts have sent the following message: "dear son yaz family, we will sadly not be able to present the new episode of our series to you this week because to the coronavirus cases on our set. In good days, see you."

Son yaz cast (last summer) was revealed in o3 medya's new series. It is scheduled to be on channel d screens the series with alperen duymaz and alina boz. Filming is set to start in august for the son yaz series (last summer), in romantic humour style. Alina boz, famed for his broken series, and the alperen duymaz, exasperated by ayaz's character, whom he brought life eventually in the zemheri series, filled the eyes of the eye. Son yaz summary (last summer) an offer which cannot be refused by organizing crime chief selçuk tajkin (arif pishkin) whom he put in jail eight years ago, is received by the idealistic public prosecution selim kara (ali atay). 

Selçuk taskin intends to testify in prosecutor selim kara's trial that would destroy the whole criminal network. There is however just one condition; the bodyguard of selim kara is his son, akgün gökalp taşkın. It is a challenging scenario for akgün, an emotionally young guy who grew up behind his hazardous and troublesome look in the criminal world. Life tests selim in a location he hadn't expected; he seeks divorce from his wife, canan [funda eryigit, izmir], who lives with her children. Attorney kara is ordered to bring akgün, who he regards as having pain in his ass, to the justice site in cesme (izmir). 

He's between his family and his business. The entrance of selim's unexpected visitor akgün will shock all of the site's occupants; this wind which began in the egean will become a major storm which will transform everybody's lives. What's son yaz's going to broadcast channel? O3 media produces the final summer series. Since the scriptwriter of the director is not yet apparent, the channel has not been agreed. While the channel of son yaz (last summer) is still not established, it is likely that they will be shown on fox tv. Who do you think alperen duymaz's partner in the series should be? Your remarks may be written down.

Son yaz's (last summer) new 20th episode trailer is out! At the conclusion of the episode, akgün started to be part of the kara family after her birthday. What's going on in the may 28 episode? Information about the next episode date was provided in the teaser for the latest episode of the son yaz series (the last summer). On friday may 28, 2021, the project fans started seeking solutions to the topic when the new twentieth episode came out after the programme did not show on a fox broadcast. 

A new episode trailer was published lately by the series, which meets its fans on fridays. The teaser also contains data about the next episode date. This is son yaz's (last summer) twentieth episode trailer and episode synopsis.. Akgün started after her birthday as a member of the kara family, having a secret affair with the family's daughter from which she was welcomed. Even if akgün gökalp taşkin is unable to absorb this circumstance, selim cannot tell yagmur. Without anybody's consent, they will live their relationship. Kenan's attitude to akgün is going to be considerably different, knowing everything. Now selim wants to call kenan the reconnection.

Kenan has an unexpected finish to his surprise. Eray's approach towards naz expands soner and eray's connection. Soner isn't going to be easy. In preparing this event, akgün intends to plan a first surprise for her new boyfriend, while keeping her vow to gokhan. Gokhan, however, has other akgün ideas. Obsessed with selçuk taskin, gökhan is willing to try selçuk taskin if need be with his own son's misery. While he was on the road to yagmur with gokhan, selim testified at the police department of the bribery case. As soon as they realise that yagmur and kaan crashed, they hurry to the hospital. 

During kaan and yagmur's operation, selim had already begun to investigate the alleged sabotage event. When akgün knows that the occurrence has been a sabotage, he will know and punish him. On the other side, gokhan continually seeks not to expose his identity. She cannot recall the accident when yagmur wakes up. The situation of kaan is more severe. For the time being, gokhan is in danger. While akgün and selim are following the situation, kenan is irritated to discover that it is sabotage and in selim it is hidden. When the word is that selim was freed of his duties, akgün will have additional job to do. 

Akgün follows the saboteur with the aid of soner and eray. Gokhan understood that yagmur was ready to recollect and approached the situation when he found out who he was. When gokhan learns that the circle closes for him, he proceeds down a road that cannot be reversed.