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You are my spring the first teaser for the upcoming tvn drama.

You are my spring drama Jin may meets in new drama! Kim dong wook & seo hyun name of a playwright: you're my spring. Episode number: 16. Actors: kim dong wook, and seo hyun jin, respectively. Finally, tvn has released the first teaser for 'you are my spring' ongoing tvn drama.

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You are my spring the first teaser for the upcoming tvn drama.

Lovely couple with lovely views of the countryside the next drama, you are my spring, still cuts in tvn tayang will lose the 5th of july. Sketch: #youaremyspring (literal title) neoneun naui bom revised romanization hangul: hangul: # jung ji-hyun director: lee mi-na: writer: tvn network: episodes: date of publication: 5 july 2021 — runtime: korean language: country: latin america. The actors kim dong wook and seo hyun jin play this drama themselves. It seems in this teaser that they listen to music romantically.

Asianwiki staff plot synopsis copyright © childly minded people now experience adulthood. They lived in the building where the assassination took place. This play recounts the tale of a storey that starts when "adults" in the building where a murder took place meet individuals with seven-year old heart. It's individuals who had trauma in the past. Kang da-jung (#seohyunjin) resided for a brief time at gangneung's inn when he was a tiny bit young but he thought it was his heart's home. She is now working as a manager at the hotel concierge. The gugu building moved him. He participates in this assassination case with his neighbour joo young-do (#kimdongwook). She's living from him below. He is working as psychiatrist as joo young-do. 

He becomes a psychiatrist to make suicidal individuals desire to life again. He's intelligent and sees into the hearts of wounded people, yet he has a shattered heart as well. Nobody ever tranquillized him. Joo young do, psychiatrist who supports people to cure their emotional scars and rediscover the desire to live, will be played by kim dong wook. The ceo of an investment company is chae joon (#yoonpark). He came before kang da-jung one day unexpectedly. He has emotions for her and his sentiments are expressed for her. An actress is a ga-young, #namgyuri. 

His ex-girlfriend and former manager took advantage of it. He was scared to love anyone thereafter. Seo hyun jin as the hotel concierge manager kang da jung and joo young do, a guy below, face his infancy after the murder. Tell the tale of the individuals who live in an edifice that has killed before and yet when they were 7 years old, are caught in recollections. This drama is shown on july 5th and substituted for the monday to tuesday slot drama #doomatyourservice. 

Seo hyun jin and kim dong wook will perform in this drama. Kang da jung, a manager at the concierge hotel who moves into the building for a first time to face her memories of her youth, will play with seo hyun jin. Kim dong wook portrays a doctor who is not able to heal himself and helps others to cure them of their emotional scars. On july this romantic genre theatre will be shown on tvn. Casts - kang da-jung - #seohyunjin # joo young-do #chevrolet #chevrolet chae joon, #yoonpark - ahn ga-young #namgyuri # keen the park of the eun-ha #kimyewon park chul-do #hanmin #kanghoon - tae-jung-kang # jiseunghyun - seo ha- - seo ha- #parkyeni - heo yu-kyung #new. Patrick #parksangnam.

Advanced stage-look steel launch my good, it looks lovely, our performers are lovely. Seo hyun-jin, a hotel concierge, was announced to headline the drama on 14 september 2020. The suggestion to perform as the masculine lead in the drama alongside seo hyun-jin was examined by kim dong-wook on 31 december. In the second week of january 2021, seo hyun-jin, kim dong-wook, yoon park and nam gyu-ri announced the major cast of the tv programme. 

Main photography began in suamgol, cheongju in early february 2021. The release date was revealed on 31 may 2021 with a teaser. On july 5, 2021 the series will debut on tvn at 21:00 kst. It will be accessible for netflix streaming once the tvn episode has been shown. The actress and singer seo hyun jin from south korea. She was spotted by s.M. Entertainment and subsequently started out as the principal singer of the m.I.L.K girl group in south korea in 2001. Seo entered dongduk's female university after m.I.L.K. Was dissolved, where she studied applied musicology to maintain her goal of a carreer. 

Seo has made a few songs and compilations of sm town as a single artist. In 2006, she became active. She made her debut with the sound of music (2006) and subsequently appeared in numerous tv programmes and films. She is most recognised for her starring performances as oh hae young in the another miss oh (2016), a romantic comedy show, dr. Romantic (2016-2017), medical melodrama, and romantic dramas temperature of love (2017), and beauty within (2018). Kim dong wook is a keyeast entertainment south korean actor. After starring in student films and in many smaller sections, kim became a star in the popular "coffee prince," followed by a "take off" box office. He subsequently appeared in 'happy killers' and 'romantic heaven,' but in 2012, the drama 'concubina,' which earned kim greatest praises of his career, was his renowned portrayal as obsessive and tortured monarch. Yoon bak is an actor from south korea. 

Yoon started his entertainment career as a drummer with a band that won the bronze prize at the 34th campus song festival 2010 at can't play well (hangul: petition — until now!). He joined jyp entertainment in 2013 after his contract with agency s.M. Entertainment came to a close. Yoon was the star of the tv drama "what's going on with my family?" and "queen's flower." the south korean singer and actress nam gyu ri, native of nam mi jeong. She was the korean women's trio leader, seeya. In 2009, nam gyu ri had the management firm and departed the organisation on a contractual basis. 

In particular in the movie death bell and the play 49 days, nam was also involved. Won, born kim ye for her previous ventures kim shan ah acted using her actual name, but after her debut in romance town in 2011 started using kim ye won as her stage name. In addition, she has participated with her actual name in original drama soundtracks. Han min is an actress and model in south korea. In 2006, he won the junior model competition of the basic house: grand prix he won the fifth ocean sky model competition in 2007: the popularity award. He is a qualified drummer, vocalist, and user of nunchaku.

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