The revelation of success in kitesurfing was in the hand of çelikkol, who was on holidays with his family in marmaris. The holiday season began at marmaris with ibrahim celikkol, who loves adrenaline sports. 

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İbrahim çelikkol on holiday in marmaris with his family.

The day before was spotted in akyaka by çelikkol who was on holiday with his wife mihre and their kid ali. Defying the wind and sea, çelikkol with his subterraneans in the air earned the admiration and enthusiasm of the audience. Upon strolling around the beach with his young son ali and his wife mihre, çelikkol taught his kid kitesurfing skills. 

Çelikkol, a prominent player in the television series you are born is your destiny, fell to love the actress, who took her spouse on vacation, revealed a romantic setting. Çelikkol fell in love during his holiday in cappadocia with his wife, mihre mutlu çelikkol. Çelikkol didn't miss sharing pictures of their vacation in cappadocia. Finally, çelikkol and his wife mihre mutlu çelikkol shared a lip-to-lip frame. 

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In a short period, more than 200 thousand loves this emotional sharing of the renowned name. Çelikkol filed an action against endemol media production corporation for the second time on the allegation that the foreign sales of the tv series "kördüm" could not provide him with the necessary share. In its case against endemol media production company, celikkol previously obtained tl 167.000 for claims and compensation. 

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A lawyer of senior federal court of intellectual and industrial rights filed a case against the istanbul court of justice alleging that the business made more money from the "kördüm" tv series sale outside the country and that the artist concealed that income. The lawyer of çelikkol filed a complaint, "it was not possible for my customer to collect completely its income from the kördüm series, in which it played the main part and that was sold outside the country. 

The defendant business made no payments on the due day, although it had pledged several times previously to pay my customer. As sales continue, the amount he must pay rises. Endemol we need the court to establish the legal cost that is to be paid by the media production company."