The most natural kind of özge törer, bala hatun, of establishment osman! Shared without a filter, without intervention, people comment 'lovely and courageous' Özge törer of osman establishment bala hatun demonstrated her heroism!

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Özge törer bala hatun without filter beautiful and brave'.

Her bravery! Özge törer, with her newest post on her social media account, who portrayed a bala-hatun character in the tv series establishment osman with burak özçivit, established her fame. Contrary to her colleagues, with the latest image she released, törer, who does not use social media actively, but is spoken about with each post she makes, became the agenda again. 

She was told about her courage by the gorgeous playwright that went to the zero make up lens. The photo sharing of törer without filters made her declare 'beautiful and bold' as she posted her most natural form. This is the social media sharing of özge törer. 


With her recent post on her social media account, the popular actress who attracts attention with her attractiveness and her performance came to the fore. Törer, who does not use social media active, but with every post he makes, has again been discussed a lot as opposed to her colleagues. 

On her instagram account, the gorgeous actress who was in front of the zero-model lens revealed with her admirers her most natural condition. "may the social media see you gorgeous," "talenty and beauty both," "you're wonderful" were the commentary for the famous player.