Misafir, the guest is a medyapim production that will be broadcast on fox turkey. It is an adaption of the popular japanese anime oasis. Hazal kaya (feriha, our story), bura gürsoy (kizim), and ozan dolunay feature in the film (high society).

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Misafir Episode 1 English Subtitles Gece trying to commit suicide.

The first trailer for fox tv's upcoming series the guest was shown to the public. The series' premise, which draws attention with its impressive ensemble, is also quite appealing. The plot of the series, which is set to air in the coming days, as well as the cast and publishing date, piqued people's interest.

Gece is a young woman who has been through a number of severe violent circumstances in her life. To escape his past, he claims to have lost his memory, hoping to forge a brighter future for himself.

Erdem is a recently widowed man with three children. He discovers a missing gece and takes her in as a guest till she recovers and her memory is restored.

The hopeful meeting storey of gece (hazal kaya), a young woman who had a traumatic childhood, and erdem (bura gülsoy), a father of three who has just lost his wife, will be discussed in "misafir (the guest)," where arda sargün sits in the director's chair, adapted by zge aras and will be broadcast with its first episode on thursday, november 4 at 20:00; also, where is misafir (the guess) being filmed?

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