Arıza tolga sarıtaş ayça turan new drama series  Arıza the breakdown, signed by o3 media, ordinated by recai karagöz, written the script by ozan aksungur, will soon begin on show tv turkish-made action and drama series.

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Arıza tolga sarıtaş ayça turan new drama series 

Thus, tolga saretash expressed his feelings after reading the script: when i read it, my heart started beating faster, which meant that i was affected like falling in love, not loving her hair, eyes and eyebrows, but falling in love with her. In this story and script everything develops as it is, i can say that i loved it from the first time i read it.

  •  This is how tolga spoke of his new character ali reza, "ali reza, a man who has his own principles, the honorable, who gives value to his family at most and who has given himself up in order to protect his family." in the story, we believe that the struggle to hold on to life will attract the audience even more.
  • no matter how hard life is for you, don't give up holding on to life as long as you can,"" arıza tells us, and we will tell you that no matter how hard you think the powerful are, if your heart is full of love, you can defeat them. In this difficult way, ali reza's powerful weapon will be his family, friends and the woman he loves.
  • The fault series | announcement 1 episode 1 this is not a satisfaction. Let your way open, it's time for ali reza ⚡ the first episode is tomorrow at 20:00 turkish time. The fault series | main families 🔥 altai family: ali reza, mart, ruqaya.

  1. The gorkan family: hashmat, khaleda, matt, malik, daria. Arswelo family: fouad, borak, murad. The fault series | announcement 1 episode 1 this is not a satisfaction.

  2.  Let your way open, it's time for ali reza ⚡ the first episode is tomorrow at 20:00 turkish time.

  3.  Characters in the 🔥 error series ali reza, khalida, borak, hashmat, fouad, ruqaya, murad, malik, fasson, hassan, muzaffar, matt, mart, farid, fatih, darya, amina, fico, sabri, asli, agoz. Tomorrow be ready to watch. A complete story by alireza altai (tolga saritash) alireza lives in his istanbul neighborhood with his family and works as a taxi driver.

  4.  He lives with his mother ruqaya and his sister nehan in a two-story wooden house left behind by his late father,With the early death of his father, ali reza claimed his dream of studying at university and took responsibility for his family's care. 

He has a part of the little fights he fights when he has to, but he has never had an obsession with taking and using a weapon. The only thing that gives him importance is his motto in life ,there are two things we fight for our home, our honor.
 with this slogan, ali reza took care of his family like his eyes, and is now preparing to marry his beloved sister nehan to his beloved friend farid.

 But these days, when ali reza opposed those who forced one of his customers (khaleda) out of his taxi, ali reza's world and his normal life were destroyed.

Thus, on his obligatory journey from an ordinary taxi driver to the throne of istanbul's greatest criminal kingdom, ali reza embarks on his compulsory journey. From now on he will not be told by ali reza but "arıza" problems.

A complete story by khaleda gorkan (aisha turan) khaleda is the daughter of hashmat gurkan, who sits on the throne of istanbul's largest criminal kingdom. She works as a doctor in the van and lives a simple life.

Although she has a calm and compassionate personality, she is brave. Khaleda's life changed the day she finished her first year of university when she was returning from the ceremony with her mother and two brothers and on the day her jeep was shot, khaleda only survived the massacre.

  • Having a swarm in a second car was a complete coincidence, khaleda wondered for years why she survived the massacre, or, more correctly, why she was left to survive.

  • The man who was putting the mask on his face and did not shoot her took from her neck the necklace in the form of immortality left to her by her mother's memory.

When khaleda returns to istanbul to celebrate her father's 61st birthday, all the curtains open and reveal the facts, and escape from borak arswelo's obsession, to ride immortally in alireza's taxi. Borak arsweilo, who cuts her way, will save her from ali reza's hand to become the "arıza" (error), and khaleda will fall in love with him to begin the worst stages of his life.