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Ali riza ariza tv series episode 30 final decision drop in ratings.

Ali riza ariza tv series The series began to be broadcast on the channels before the new season. Bad news for fans of show tv's highly--hoped series breakdown. Sunday night's o3 media series failed couldn't hold on. The network pulled the plug on the show.

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Ali riza ariza tv series episode 30 final decision  drop in ratings.

Ahmet mumtaz taylan, olgun toker, ayça ayşin turan, tolga sarıtaş, murat daltaban, dilara aksuyek, cavit cetin güner, uygar özçelik, pinar çağlar gençtürk, ali riza kubilay, yağz can konyalı, ali seçkiner buyer, cankat aydos, hazal benli, kemal burak alper, wind aksoy and jade it's a shame when there are shows that have to end ridiculously, and you decide how to end a great show starring legendary actors. A i've been crying since the news came.

Final decision 🤔 obviously, it was a final decision that surprised me. There was a drop in ratings, but i wasn't expecting this decision. I thought you'd at least see the end of the season. They made the final decision in section 30. 27 tomorrow night. The series is set to air in three weeks. Good for the hard work. Everybody like & record please.. In the continuation of the last scene; i think that sabri and the fault will come, that you will go into conflict with burak 💥💥💥 nothing will happen to hashem aga!! I think burak and his men will get out of there 🔥 there's a possibility on that stage ; aslan has ola bilir. What do you think? 🐺

There was a lot of excitement when the lion character arrived, but it wasn't enough, we need new stories, more actors need to come to the breakdown sequence. I hope the ratings go up, folks tag moses longs in the breakdown's latest post, and it'll be great in the summer.

Murat ersoylu was shot in the arm. Burak ersoylu has been seriously shot 🔥 will be hospitalized!! I don't think you're going to die. I think you'll come back from the dead in the hospital!! Do you think burak will die? 🐺 well, this episode is going to be pretty good, and i think the trailer shows syria, and i think the friend or father of the breakdown is coming from there, and some great scenes are coming 🔥💥💯 i think they went down that road when the show's ratings dropped, so hopefully the ratings are plentiful. It's a good show. Why did this malfunction not bleed that man's noses in such a ridiculous conflict, let alone him, he couldn't even put a bullet in the room until the other person came into the room, and there should have been a scene of a fight there as if ali was going to play zeybek.

In this episode, we will watch an ali consent linking to the fault!! In the trailer, we saw that the fault found balaban and cornered him... And will he kill balaban? 💥 based on our analysis; balaban will not die 🔥🔥🔥 can be shot but does not die... Do you think he's going to kill balaban? 🐺 he's not going to die. Of course he's not going 🔥 to die. Balaban's not the easy guy to spend, he's got a script. It was a slingshot knee, they were good at the bass, they sprained the knee.

Alireza is a turkish drama and action series produced by o3 media, directed by recai karagöz and written by ozan aksongor. Tolga sreitash aichi aishen turan. Taxi driver alireza (tolga saritash) and dr. Khalida (aisha aychin turan) intersect with a taxi adventure and two people from a different world sail in search of dangerous love. Ali reza, who has no people behind him in the face of injustice, decides to face the mafia kings, and despite all the difficulties, khalida and her loved ones are also with him on this difficult journey.

The series "ali reza" ariza episode 1 starring aisha turan, famous in the arab role of fayrouza in the series zamherer, which will play the role of khaleda her father one of the great leaders of the so-called commercial coalition, an organization that manages all illegal acts such as the trade, smuggling of weapons and drugs and collecting tributes from cafes and bars.

Khaleda's road one day intersects with a taxi driver named ali reza, who is portrayed by tolga saritash, who is known in arabic as ali in the sun's girls and yavoz karaso in the covenant. The events and story of the series ali reza episode 1 within the framework of drama, action and romance begins events with the acquaintance of khaleda and ali reda after her ascent in his car to drive her home, trying to "braq arsoilo" to force khaleda "ita turan" to get out of the car in a barbaric manner to be confronted by taxi driver ali reza and begins the quarrel to change this quarrel the life of ali reza totally.

 Ali reza, who lives in a poor neighborhood in his humble home with his family consisting of his mother rukia, his brother mart and his sister nehan, who is preparing to marry ali reza's friend farid, and on the night of the wedding ceremony, and after the raid "buraq ersuilo" for the wedding ceremony to avenge ali reza, a stray bullet comes out of the weapon "buraq ersuilo" to injure neha's sister, ali reza, to die immediately. Ali reza, the head of the family, vowed to take revenge on the erswilo family after his attempt to try his sister's killers failed and he had no choice but to join the dark world and become one of them to decide to destroy this organization from within.

Alireza is one of the turkish drama series, and is shown on the 13th of september 2021, and the series continues to be shown for one episode for 120 minutes, which is followed by many after the great success achieved by the characters, which made a difference in the success of the story of the series most notably the character of the series tolga saretas. About the number of episodes of the series in the first part and season, the episode expected to be aired next week is episode 15, and about the number of episodes of the entire part, according to the technical information of the production of the series. . The first part of episode 30 is expected to end to anticipate and study the production company in the release of the second season of the series next summer.

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