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Jennie scene in the mv lovesick girls wearing a nurse's outfit .

After being criticized by k-netizens and sister organizations in korea for the jennie scene in the mv 'lovesick girls' wearing a nurse's outfit, yg finally decided to change the scene!

Jennie scene in the mv lovesick girls wearing a nurse's outfit yg finally decided to change the scene!
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First, jennie wrote the song, second, in her rap she said “didn’t wanna be princess i’m priceless” then i thought that it’s for yg cause she doesn’t wanna be a princess who is with me 💞😂 ( and sorry if i wrote something wrong😂)love you blink💚

Can you imagine being an idol only for an agency to put you in the firing line time after time why didn't why did you take a moment to think before they put jenny in that outfit did anything about how much hate .

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Tom parker has bravely shared the news that he's been diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour.

She would get for it blackpink recently came out with their first full-length record titled the album on october 2nd along with a music video for lovesick girls first of all let's talk about the visuals hunty blackpink has done it again showing us multiple eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing outfits no wonder why they're chosen as ambassadors to some of the top french fashion brands .

Aanyways back to the music video what if i tell you that one of the outfits jenny wore in the music video stirred up some controversy yes you heard that not even a week after the lovesick girls mv dropped and critics already started coming after jenny for wearing a nurse outfit yikes the korean health and medical workers union issued a statement on the 5th claiming that the costuming nurse outfit she wore contributed to the stereotypes of nurses .

diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour.

And that it was just massively inappropriate jenny wore a tight-fitting short dress with red heels in one of the scenes and to put it simply the union just didn't like it they thought it was way off base and didn't look anything like what an actual nurse would wear i mean that was kind of the point but okay the union also said that it really wasn't helping the fight for equal rights ouch they basically thought the nurses had a hard enough time as it is fighting off stereotypes .

So why did blackman try to make it worse lovesick girl is a song that questions why people continue finding love when they are hurt by it while also saying hey there's hope in the 8 second scene where jenny appears as a nurse and also a patient jenny wraps the line no doctor could help when i'm lovesick in a statement released by yg entertainment they express their deep respect for the nurses who are always staying by the patient's sides and fighting on the front lines why she also added we ask that you think of music videos as an independent genre of art and .

We would appreciate it if you could understand that each scene was made with no other intention than to express the music their production team is currently discussing whether the scene should be edited out or not it does kind of make us ask the question though why don't you see this coming with all the money they have and all the experts couldn't they protect jenny at all as you can imagine fans were not happy about it blinks took to social media to criticize the mindset of the people and defended the video one fan tweeted that they defended jenny because their scene wasn't against the nurses they said that .

They could defend the blackwing member while also understanding the feelings of the nurses too others also tagged yg in a tweet saying that there was nothing wrong with what jenny was wearing from the perspective of a nurse while also requesting them not to edit out the scene imagine your favorite group just had to come back after a whole year and they are already hit controversies i mean who would want that kane edison's also had mixed reactions some people thought that everyone was entitled to their opinion including nurses but a majority of the netizens did not agree with the backlash of blackpink.

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And why she was facing implying that people were being biased towards blackpink these girls can't catch a break however this is not the only time jenny has faced backlash auntie's accused jenny of being lazy for not performing her group performances with full energy they even went as far as saying that she was better off as a model she was even dubbed as the lazy queen how disrespectful you guys but it wasn't long until leblanc made it known that jenny had in fact injured her ankle countless times during her promotional journey when the post came to light bling's trended the hashtag apologize to jenny asking those who hated her for her lazy dancing to admit their mistakes it was also reported that in preparation for their debut music show performances.

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Jenny had sprained her ankle during their dance rehearsal the pain was so bad there prevented her from even placing her foot on the floor but despite the injury and the pain and like the hard-working queen she is jenny instead took painkillers and returned to the stage to finish her performance recording a source from yg also stated that although it was not a serious injury jenny's ankle was quite swollen no matter what blackpink does people are always going to point out the things they have little to no control over what we can do is block out the haters and continue supporting our queens let me know down below what your favorite song the new album is and i'll see you guys next time bye.

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