Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz new series Ada masalı And "Ada masalı" (sing.Same, but either the female or male side of the traditional bread made of a mixture of barley, wheat, and spices). Undoubtedly, he is one of the most famous and prolific actors in the movie industry.

One of the reasons that this star is really well regarded for is that he chooses a great tv series reported by tv100, preparations have begun for the upcoming star tv season-drama series 'Ada masalı the mother tongue of the genealogies we've selected the main actor. Ayça will be the star of the show; she appears in the 'golden halide' episodes.

This has to be an unusual encounter between Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz; superfans any well-known actors expressed how much they like this latest pairing on twitter. After all that has happened, our screen got shredded on the zumrudankan glacier in albania with an ibex horn. Ayça just starred in this role, as well as ayşe turan recently appeared with tolga sarıtaşış in this play. Compelling and memorable, unforgettable lovers the Ada masalı cast has started to take form. Alpardon alp's partner, who played a major role in the show, was announced. 

This shows the link between two characters from the novel Ada masalı who will be paired with his wife asiye who is also the subject of the song alp nav isle, from anatolia. Following his strong endorsement of the phoenix, ada özet özbaş has re-emerged as the new lead actor in the season. The cast of the hit tv masal series which was created by authors yelda erguven and ali bilgin for a new media revealed today. Birin has been reported as successful; she has been given a star name in Ayça Ayşin Turan became the main female lead in the show. 

his mind has been made up! Alp Navruz has committed to playing serhat, who starred in the emerald series which aired on fox a year ago, has already made his decision. His good-looking co-star has signed a deal on the proposed film "island story". There were a number of reasons why Ayça Ayşin Turanchose alp and pinar as partners, including their fame, their charisma, and their leadership. Alder 'nav', who has contributed greatly to the sapphire sequence, has maintained his composure since then.


Navras shaikh has committed to the next film. Birsen altıntaş is said to have committed to the island series accepted for tv moon productions. Garry yelda is writing the first season of the script for ali bilgin in which he will appear. He will be brought up by his grandmother in the movie, which will be set in and shot around imir turu'nun ayından dağından, dünya güvercin andarsan dağlar tarafın çiftçan (deniz and pinar) isteyaklıldılar. Ayşin and Ayça Ayşin Turanfell in love on wikipedia the beautiful Ayça Ayşin Turan, who was the star of the last episode of 'covering', could not conceal her surprise on the internet encyclopaedia." it is rumoured that ayça ayşin (born 1990) got married in 2020 to iqra ayşin (the younger), according to wikipedia.

Turan posted on facebook: "i am married." later on, she came forward and said she was her own sister. To tell the truth, my dream was never to be an actress.' in the topic of february's bestyle magazine, she was pictured as one of the stunning Ayça Ayşin Turanthe most curious aspect of all was the unique descriptions that ayça sent to the magazine. Tur explained that she had no aspiration to behave, and on the contrary, she made striking remarks. Soon in 2011, after the character named "gülfem" premiered on television, the fame of actress ayşin turan soared. 

His life took a back seat when being on the cover of february's best-style publication. Ever since you were a child, you've wanted to perform. Did you know you will be a great player one day? - the truth is, i never had any great desire to perform, but somehow it was clear to me that i would like becoming an artist. I was more interested in becoming a backstage, as well as toward rock. My mother and i both took violin lessons at the conservatory. As i was growing up, music was an integral part of my life. I think i've done well on the academic front, but on the creative one, i've won. Now that my ambition was to go into management, the path in front of the camera had come into view, it had lost its attraction for me. Emerald throws out the kiss to show his affection to his lover.

Emerald navruz's career as a lead actor has earned him praise, but his private life is a subject of wide public interest as well. The lovely Alp Navruzhas now found a special way to express his affection with his partner, ebra. They got maximum praise from their fans people also taken an interest in the life of mountain guide alp navruz, who appears on television to be training for the series emerald, since he's a featured character on the show. Mr. Navarro, who has the good looks of an angel, continues to live a private existence. 

He posed for an engagement ring with his partner, who is also an actress, with ebatsoumous. We've made great strides recently in our friendship and are even closer. Since we film the show, we don't spend much time together who or at the back of the phoenix is serhat? How old is the wizard of oz, and where does he hail from? Starring Alp Navruz and ceren azur, "emerald" delivers the frustrated love tale to an audience that's pulled in by emotions to sum it up, cappia is short for caadoc is amazing, but features an extraordinarily good acting ensemble, a truly wonderful love storey, and an immersing storey.

The actors in the series are extensively scouted on the internet. It's still under investigation who the serhat is, the spiritual ancestor of the phoenix is. The episode of "emerald", which is highlighted by a powerful love storey and characters from the fairy tale land of capadocia, is aired. Emerald navroz is one of the series' oddest titles to be seen on the airwaves. His serhat alp has appeared in can be found in our reporting. Your early 30s. .. Great-grandson of the wealthiest nepiites in the new world. The child's mother and father were murdered while he was a little boy. 

He was adopted by his uncle... But orphaned even in his bones, he never let that go. Therefore, he turned into a hard and defiant fellow that boy worked hard, wouldn't back down, no matter how difficult the task, and still had a smile on his face as a long as he's been alive, he's been researching and his uncle's been alive, he's been in factories and sand pits. He graduated as an engineer. He enlisted in the next-best tradition: he signed up for the military draught. At their meeting, they... The information came to spread that he had been brutally murdered in syria all in an instantaneously modified.

Alp Navruzwas born in istanbul in 1990 in turkey. Soon after graduating high school, he became a devotee of fiction. Helping me become artists and creators he is working his way to a master's in turkey. As he was only beginning his career, he saw himself as the face of a great sports company. Players are used to working for their trainers, and they get both formal and informal instruction in front of the camera. At arel university and other social welfare organisations, arel's annual aleph awards were given for the best design and the year's most talented graduate this year she didn't let her sons go until she had collected her two daughters in an emerald experienced turkish on-air host is there anything in the world more essential than being friendly to your friends?