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Demet özdemir and oğuzhan koç the road to marriage.

The road to marriage is demet özdemir and oğuzhan. The first move from demet özdemir, the oğuzhan koç lover on the road towards marriage! He meets members of the family.

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 Demet özdemir and oğuzhan koç the road to marriage.

The turkish performer and celebrities demet özdemir fell on the agenda like a bomb. The couple, who have long hidden their love, recently shared a picture on social media. Following demet özdemir’s photo, the famous turkish pop singer oğuzhan koç also announced the love affair with a short text. Thus, their relationship has been confirmed and the gossip turned into a reality!

The relationship of oğuzhan koç-demet özdemir, who announced that they were together in january, is going to marry step by step. Oğuzhan koç also was motivated by the fact that his close friends, i lena buyukak and eser yenler, were a happy family man. According to the information obtained from sources close to the couple; the two seriously began to consider marriage. Then, how did the fairytale begin? What happened with the four-year relationship between oğuzhan koç and the turkish actress yağmur tanrısevsin?

This is the love storey in 2021... This is... On the other hand, kıymet yalçın koç, koç's mother, started to follow özdemir from his instagram account. Özdemir also immediately followed his future mother-in-law. Ms. Kıymet was heard to visit the actress at dinner. It was learned. Kıymet hanım and özdemir, who met for now in the virtual world, wondered how near the partnership would be after the encounter. Demet özdemir has provided his help on his social network platform to oğuzhan koc, who in my view launched his latest single "zor." the song from his instagram report was posted. The well-known singer said, "i want to explain a theme which only affects two people so that nobody is involved. While we are now on the eve of a good demet process, although not as it was written before," he confessed her love with the words.

The first shot came from the love of demet özdemir and oğuzhan koç following those words. The house you are born, demet özdemir, a kaderindir who was acclaimed for good acting, is always on the magazine agenda since having started loving himself. The mother of oğuzhan koç kıymet yalçın koç began to pursue demet özdemir on instagram. Instead, demet özdemir, taking her pose from his social media account with her boyfriend, shared it. "it is true that our photos have been taken," said the famous actress earlier. You say 'the love bomb of the new year,' but it's, love bomb of new year, really.

In recent months, demet özdemir, the most demanded face of the screens, has set out to foster a new passion for actress and singer oğuzhan koç. There was a fresh creation, although the duo took place among the pairs that the magazine liked. The ex-lover of his friend, yajmur tanrısevsin, demet ozdemir began to have a love-affair with oğuzhan koc.

When the paparazzi took their pictures, the couple who entered a hotel in a hotel in alaçatı had to confess their connection. "yes, it's accurate our photographs were taken by özdemir. She said, "now you're going to hear 'new year's love bomb.'" oğuzhan koç also verified their connection to his instagram tweet. The mother kıymet yalçın koç of oğuzhan kuç began to be a bride-to-be on social media after demet özdemir. The mother koç decided to join demet özdemir at dinner based on the details received.

Magazines have already made a fascinating statement regarding this amazing 2021 love. They indicated that the affair between passion and sexuality began a long time earlier. It's not different, then, like they claim. A star of the "3 adam" (3 men) programme of april, 26th 2017 was the magnificent actress demet özdemir. On the contrary, oğuzhan koç and eser yenenler and i against abraham bujukak hosted. Attracted interest was the honesty and intimacy of the özdemir who spent the last 2 years with yogmur tanrısevsin in 2017.

The social networking case was posted by demet özdemir and his lover oğuzhan koç. In the magazine's agenda were the love poses of the popular pair who one after another posted their instagram pages. His enthusiasm for his new photos showed great interest. Demet özdemir did not leave oğuzhan koç alone in his first concert at the harbiye open air stage on september 4, 2019. At the same concert, yağmur tanrısevsin, koç’s lover for 4 years, was also present. Koç thanked his friends who came to his concert, saying, “yağmur tanrısevsin is here (showing his heart), our last-minute guest büşra pekin is here, demet özdemir is here, why did i not see him?” there are new news from the demet özdemir-oğuzhan koç couple.

Demet özdemir, who continues to mark the magazine's agenda with the love she lives with oğuzhan koç, was marked on social media. Demet özdemir, who appeared on the screens with the character of zeynep in the tv 8 tv series, the house of your birth is kaderindir, made another remarkable share. The beautiful actress who came to love shared her photo with her lover oğuzhan koç on her instagram account with a heart emoji. Shortly after this concert, the 4-year relationship between tanrısevsin and oğuzhan koç came to an end.

The couple announced in a joint statement they made in october 2019 that they ended their relationship friendly. On november 25, 2019, the paparazzi caught koç and demet özdemir were having fun in a pub. The name of the pub was stay secret. Özdemir and koç denied their love claims and they said that they were just friends. Oğuzhan koç, who could not remain indifferent to sharing the loving poses of his lover, shared the same post on his social media account. Demet özdemir was the guest of the “3 adam” programme that oğuzhan koç was the host on april 26, 2017.

The sincerity of the two drew attention. These shares of the famous couple got full marks from their fans and were talked about a lot on social media. Close friends demet özdemir and yağmur tanrısevsin ended their friendship because of oğuzhan koç. Tanrısevsin stopped following özdemir on social media after the two were screened on a pub. Özdemir also deleted his friend after tanrısevsin.

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