Ebru śahin, who is prepared to take their love that began at the wedding table last year in çeşme and cedi osman, the nba cleveland cavaliers playing, are continuing their vacation at full speed.

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Ebru şahin and cedi osman will be engaged on june 25.

A member of the cleveland jersey in the nba, 27-year-old ebru βachin and cedi osman took a spirit of charity with their romantic photos from their on-the-go maldives holiday on social media. As indicated by the duo circle which became with their connections one of the most appropriate pairs in social media, βahin and osman chose to construct a nest.

She met a boyfriend's family and ebru şahin, one of the duos, who had a summer break in the maldives and went on their way back to çeşme. Sahin posted the moments on her social networking account from the lunch with her future mother-in-law and father-in-law. The pair are said to be involved on 25 june.

As news reports in a calendar newspaper show, favourite lovers in çeşme only conveyed good news with their pals on 25 june. The couple who opted to abandon the wedding in september 2022 were alleged to be sitting on the wedding table.

Ebru şahin will soon tell her long-time lover cedi osman, a basketball star who was born in macedonia, "i do!" one of the turkish most beautiful actresses.

The engagement ceremony will take place in çeşme on the 25th july, and the marriage will be set for september 2022, according to turkish media sources.

The mother of cedi osman, binela osman, did extremely well with ebru čahin, telling her child: "get married at the earliest opportunity. You really adore one another. What can you wait for?" he is also accused of pressurising. It became known that the new project ideas čahin didn't evaluate at the conclusion of the summer which remained with his sweetheart in the usa.

Recently, when ebru posted together a photo of them on her boyfriend's birthday with a message in serbian, ebru, who left no one indifferent as reyyan in the series 'hercai', recently excited the balkan audience: ebru βahin and cedi osmen who ended their vacations in the maldives accelerated their preparations for matrimony.

As an eye-catching reminder, cedi osman was born to novi pazar, serbia in ohrid, macedonia.

The investigation of the location was initiated by ebru šahin and cedi osman, who plan to sit at the wedding table in čeşme next summer. In the next months, the couple that wants a marriage resembling their fantasies will wear rings.

Cedi osman and ebru śahin played for the nba cleveland cavaliers after hercai, where the gorgeous player played, made it to the maldives. The finals were finished. From the close circle it was discovered that the renowned couple who went on a vacation abroad decided to marry.

The mother of cedi osman, binela osman, had great contact with ebru čahin and told her father, "marry as quickly as you can. You really adore one another. What can you wait for?" he has also been placed under pressure. At the same time, it was discovered that the new projects that her young companion had come to stay with in the usa in late summer were not evaluated.

Her sweetheart, cedi osman, was born on her instagram account by ebru βahin with the sweet message. Ebru şahin is in love with cedi osman, a basketball star at the nba's cleveland cavaliers, who was the starring actress in hercai's series and greeted the audience on atv on sunday night.

Ebru šahin joyfully continues its cooperation with the nba athlete cedi osman as she announces her appearances with hercai, the popular tv series on atv screens. Sharing a beautiful message on the birthday of cedi osman, šahin remarked, "when you're with me, everything is simple. Blessed is my sunshine's birthday "downgrade. - downgrade.

Her boyfriend, cedi osman was born on ebru βahin, who was 26: sahin: "when you're with me, everything is simple. My sunshine happy birthday"

Good ebru βahin news! Good news! In hercai, the sensation series atv was short-lived, the social media deflavement of the wondrous actress, who shared the major parts with the akın akınözü. Her admirers enjoyed ebru śahin's shares that opened their social media profiles and showed new instagram postures.

Ebru šahin's news, one of atv's ambitious projects, shines with the hercai series. In the series that met the public at the sunday evening, the beautyful actress who shared the main plays with akın akınözü, quickly returned to the social media.

Hercai, with ebru ţahin and the figures of reyyan and akın akınözü and miran, was immensely popular, with a reputation that goes beyond the limits of the nation as well as the primary protagonists of the show. The well-known couple, who had a big fan following, were well suited to their series harmony. Ebru šahin was surprised by the remark made on social media in this direction by her followers, who enrolled prominent actors.