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The island tale series ada masalı final decision upset the fans

The ultimate choice of star tv troubled the lovers of the programme island tale! Tuesday night's island tale, a popular summer television show, will be on the screens. Every new episode in the series has a broad audience.

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The island tale series ada masalı final decision upset the fans

The ay yapım signature is ada masalı, one of the summer shows that is still filmed in ızmir sığacık. Recently, accusations about the series, which still meets the public on star tv, have begun to grow.

But those who are expecting the new episode of the series on tuesday 20th july, because of eid al-adha, will be extremely disappointed... In his previously aired special episode comprising of the most spectacular moments the popular tv series of star 'island tale' comes on the screen. In the leading parts, the special episode of 'island tale' will take place at 20:00 on tuesday, starring ayça ayşin turan and alp navruz. 


Ali bilgin is chairman of the famous summer ay yapım series 'island masalı," but he writes the screenplay for yelda eroğlu and yeşim çıtak. The love of the pathways of june (ayça ayşin turan) and poyraz (alp navruz) that have two extremely distinct personalities is the love that's going on. Subject; "the tale of the iceland" on swallow islands, june (ayça ayşin turan) and the lovely and helpful young man on the island of poyraz (alp navruz), bring together the love that comes with opposing personalities as a result of their struggles. 

Alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan had been said to be closely related and flirted. Then came the news that özge demirtel and cem anıl edge were again close and that they began to have love.

Background video of the series is also released sometimes on social media, and fans of the series anxiously await these pictures. Tuesday, 20 july, broadcast day: radio time: 8pm / special episode manufacture: ay yapım ali bilgin director: yelda eroğlu and yeşim çıtak screenplay: cast:ayça ayşin turan(june), alp navruz(poyraz), ieupe tenolcay(zeynep), nihan büyükağaç (selma), bulent çolak(gorkem) cem aniruz edge(hakan), beril pozam (idil), özge demirtel (buricik), rami narin (alper), eylül ersöz[alp] (river), bedia ener (aliye), mesut özkeçeci (doygun) (burak)

Ada masalı, one of the settings in which sparks of love are rapidly experienced, also opens up the audience behind the scenes.


Fun events connected to the ada masali concert shoots also took place in the scenes, which were shared on youtube as background video with the audience.

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